What word is deleted from the radio version of the Kid Rock song "Picture"

My computer crapped out and I had to dig the old Pentium 133 out of the closet, and now I can’t download tunes.

When I hear the Kid Rock / Sheryl Crow song “Picture” on the radio there is a line in the first verse that goes, “fueling up on <silence> and whiskey. Wish I had a good girl to miss me.”

What word did they replace with the silence. My theory is that it is a cigarette brand, and the station bleeps it because of something to do with the ban on advertising due to the tobacco settlement.

Am I right???

Cocaine. =)

Mentioning a cigarette brand in a song doesn’t count as advertisement, you have to do something more… meh, I don’t know, they’re prudes, but not that much.

yeah, it’s cocaine

The previous posters are correct, I just thought I’d add that the local radio stations I listen to only silence the last syllable. So they make it sound like he’s fueling up on Coke (CocaCola) and Whiskey.

I thought this was pretty stupid on their parts, since coke is a pretty common shortening of the word cocaine. But I guess as long as they (the station) could reasonably argue that they meant the drink, they are off the hook.

I really don’t understand the rules, maybe someone could explain it to me… Because about 15 minutes after hearing this censored song, I flipped to the local classic rock station, and there was Clapton singing “Cocaine” to his heart’s content. So does this mean censorship rules applies differently, depending on the artist (i.e. audience)?

A radio station were I live deletes more out of the song than the word Cocaine, I didn’t realize it until channel surfing and caught the entire song unedited.

VH1 also edits the song/video to say Coke, instead of Cocaine.

I think it’s a pretty fair argument that Kid Rock is no Clapton and that’s a great reason to censor him,
but my guess is that censorship wasn’t then what it is now, and if Clapton’s “cocaine” made a comeback, they’d censor it.

My problem with the song is that in the span of 3 days:

he’s got a picture of the ex displayed in his hotel room, he’s got a different girl there every night

she’s already moved on too, she puts his picture away, she just saw him three nights ago.

And what idiots are sleeping with these people when they display a picture of their ex?

Perhaps - note that this is a total guess - it has to do with the way the drug use is depicted. Clapton’s cover of Cocaine (it’s actually by JJ Cale) doesn’t really glorify the stuff, though it might seem to. The Kid Rock song doesn’t deal with the negatives of drug abuse. This is a guess, and note that it would require censors to listen to the song, which I admit seems unlikely given their track record.

I used to hear Lit Up by Buckcherry on the radio all time a few years back. It featured the chorus:

I love the cocaine, I love the cocaine

I would be driving around thinking: “hey, there’s a great message for the kiddies.”

Yeah, and they censored other parts of it! Oh, we’ll leave the “I love the cocaine” part in, it’s those other lyrics we have to delete.

greck , lay off Kid Rock man!

I think it’s a great song. I guess I never thought it was just 3 nights apart. I assumed they spoke to each other on the third night, and broke up. A WHILE later, they bump into each other.

The reason the pictures are displayed in the song is so that we know that they are constantly thinking about each other, even though they are making bad choices.

And I think that Kid Rock DOES imply that cocaine is a negative thing. The song is basically about how pathetic he feels with out the girl.

Just my opinion. And, btw, I’m not trying to put greck down. :slight_smile: Just stating my opinion.