What would a World Soviet Socialist Republic look like?

Stalin made a reference to this during his leadership and I was just wondering what would it be like? Who would be pulling the strings how would it work?

I thinks Stalin made reference to this because that was what lenin and trotsky was expecting for the world. Stalin was suspicious about this and that’s why after the death of lenin he was quick to reinforce the military power of USSR.

Who would be pulling the string is a really dificult question to answer. Originnaly all the proletarian party were suppose to be represented in the USSR government, this did not happen because lenin felt that the country was not yet ready. When stalin took power, he made sure no other party would be represented.

So if we make the assumption that what your talking about is a lenin-marx communism then the government would likely be a republic. But if your talking about the ways of Stalin himself, well HE would be pulling the string!!! This guy was a real paranoid and trusted no one!

But for the real thing ( the marx-lenin way ) the only big difference between our system and this one is the abolition of the capital…

If you want to get deeper into this I would recommend reading “The Capital” of Karl Mark and also the “Communist Party Manifest” By Mark and Engel. Lenin learned from them and in those book, you’ll trully understand what communism is really made of… Stalin kinda change some rules :slight_smile:

Oups, that’s marx and engel …

BTW, i forgot to mention that In the original system that lenin put in place each state in ussr was responsible for himself and was free of his choice of religion, culture, etc… So on the internationnal level, I think we would still have country per se and have something like the U.N. But as today, the country with more economical/military power would probably have more influence.

If the whole world were Soviet? Well, everyone would work in collectivized farms or factories, whether they wanted to or not. Dissidents would be killed or sent to labor camps in places like Siberia or the Australian outback. If you were too ill to work you’d be shot (as was common under Stalin). All opposition parties would be banned, as per norm in communism. Secret police would monitor everything, as was Soviet policy.

“Soviet” (Russian for council) means a certain form of government that, although quite popular during the Russian and German revolutions during WWI, has never been realized, not even in the USSR.

In a “Soviet” system, all the citizens in a certain basic unit (usually the workers of a factory or similar) appoint one of them as their representative. This representative is the unit’s deputy in the council on the next higher level, say the town council, which consists entirely of representatives from the town’s basic units. The factory workers can replace the representative whenever they want to, and they can give him clear-cut orders on how he has to vote in the town council.
The town council then elects one of its members representative of that town in the next higher level, say the county council. The county council works just like the town council and sends one representative to, say, the state council, and so higher and higher in the hierarchy, until we finally have the World Council.
On every level, the councils possess all the power without separation in executive/legislative/judicial branch.

Communists tended to believe this system was much more democratic than the usual parliamentary one.