What would cause a bigger riot in Boston?

Would the Sox beating the Yankees to get to the World Series cause a bigger riot than the Sox actually winning?

I’m torn on this since the WS is so important and been so long, but beating the yankees to get there seems even more important in some aspects.

So which is more likley to turn Boston into a smoldering pit of ash?

I’d think Pedro grabbing his ankles and asking Jeter to be hid daddy on the mound infront of 55k screaming praying fans would be enough to make Bean Town into a smouldering pit of ash…But as for your OP, Yeah, I believe beating the Yanks would be the bigger tumult for Boston than them actually winning the WS. And this coming from a Yankee fan.

Obligatory git -> it’ll never happen.

If the Sox beat the Yankees for the AL championship, then won a World Series against the Cubbies, Boston would explode.

Just Boston? I think that would signify a rift in the time/space continuum that could never be closed, allowing the Demon Gods of Rylean IV to cross into our plane of existence. Mighty rivers would reverse their course, watches would run backwards and the lamb would lie down with the lambaste. Traffic would flow smoothly; Bush and Kerry would say nice things about one another. It would be total chaos.

I told you not to cross the streams, Shibb.

I was so looking forward to this last year. Damn chokers.

Bigger than beating the Yanks? How about this scenario, unlikely as it is:

Imagine a Yank hits the ball, a potential playoff clinching hit, deep into right field. The Sox right fielder runs backward and extends his glove to catch the ball…but is unable because he’s beaten to the ball by some overzealous fan in the stands.


School intergration?
It would be interesting, considering the election, if the World Series was Boston V Houston.

The WS win would be bigger than than beating the Yankees. We’d love to beat the Yankees, but what we want is a WS ring.

Rylean VI, dummy. IV is way too hot for the Demon Gods. Sheesh.

So, has there been any rioting in Boston yet? Note: by riot, I don’t mean large group displays of public intoxication.

As long as they leave the molasses alone, Boston should be fine.

No riots, some random vandalism and some trash cans were thrown at a McDonalds in Kenmore. Big rowdy crowd, but for the most part, well behaved.

I’m sure that’s no consolation if it was your car that was damaged, but on the whole it was peacible.

I guess now we find out :smiley: