What would films look like if they were released in the same unfinished state as many video games?

Title pretty much says it all, inspired by the ‘unfinished movie’ thread.

Let’s say that movies have to be rushed and are released based on an unrealistic deadline. Games come out buggy, with features still in the works and content that really should have been in the original release instead released as DLC.

What would be missing from the final finishing touches of a film? Bad/no foley, generic soundtrack, bad scenes not re-shot or edited out?

If films had to be 50+ hours long, I guarantee there would be a lot of them released in an unfinished state.

Really bad editing, I suspect, along with unfinished practical effects shots and wireframe CGI, or just really rough stuff.

Also, I bet you’d have some takes that are less than perfect.

Then they’d clean all that up and release the “Director’s Cut” where it would be better (i.e. the patching). If they do a sequel, they can reshoot, and that would be the DLC.

They “pathched” in better cgi to the Cats movie while it was still in theaters.

Is mentioning Game of Thrones Season 8 played out by now?

Sometimes movies are completed to the director’s satisfaction and executive meddling puts out a “bad” version until the director’s cut restores the film to its glory. In other cases the director is being self-indulgent and the DC is worse.

That’s interesting, I did not know that. It didn’t occur to me to consider that it’s all digital now; I suppose you could release a flaming pile of dung and just patch it over and over again while it runs as editing and CGI production progress.