What would happen if a positron and a proton collided?

Okay, so if matter and anti-matter collided, they would annihilate each other. The anti-matter version of an electron is the positron, which has a positive charge instead of a negative charge. So what happens if a positron collided with a proton (ignoring for the moment the magnetic repulsion they’d have)? It would still be a matter/anti-matter contact, but they wouldn’t be the proper opposite counterparts for each other.

Does a matter/anti-matter annihilation occur only with electron/positron and/or proton/negatron contact, or would any combination of the above work?

Here ya go…possibly the discovery of a new particle from it:


Remember though, that antimatter only means particles which have equal and opposite quantum properties, so from the pov of the proton, a positron is not antimatter. Thefore it’s a case of two different particles colliding, rather than two antiparticles colliding.