What would it take for the UK to cut all ties to the USA?

To rephrase it what I mean is what (if anything) could happen For the US and UK to quit being allies. The US and UK are pretty close and would probably stick up for eachother till the very end. But could anything either one of them do make the other country just turn on them and hate them?

Nuking London would probably pull it off. :smiley:

More seriously; the answer is “Of course”. Yes, the countries have a close relationship, but neither is fanatical about it. And neither is incapable of change.

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Nuking London would probably pull it off. :smiley:

Hey, quit with the jokes already.

Ya never know who is reading this board :wink:

Joking aside, there is a fair number of UK citizens who are less than happy with the USA.

I’m not among them BTW

In the financia lworld there is a facility in the City of London(As opposed to just London)that holds duplicates of all Wall streets Exchange dealings so that if a 9/11 event takes out Wallstreet its business will continue being run from over here,whether by Brits or ExPat Yanks I dont know.
I assume the Americans have the same sort of contingency facility for us.

Our governments,militaries and intelligence services work together very,very,closely,much more closely then is generally known.

I would assume that there are other institutions where intergration and cooperation between us are more "family"then business motivated.

For reasons that are some of them obvious,some of them not so obvious both of our countries try to keep this quiet.

A “divorce” would difficult .

Defaulting on the National Debt?

Quitting NATO [which was Labour Party policy (briefly) in the 1980s]?

Expelling US military from its various bases? [also very popular on the Left]?

Probably the most realistic scenario would be if the UK decided to give up its independant status and joined an EU superstate. All Anglo-US contracts and agreements would have to be re-negotiated with the new superstate, and I doubt either side would want them the same.

Can’t see it happening though.

Look, here’s a better idea.

You merkins just tear up your D of I and Constitution and ask if you can once more be a member of the Commonwealth.

This way we can be bestest mates forever :smiley:

I think the US needs to go metric - that’d do it if Her Majesty suggested it and it got put into the constitution.

The answer to this is necessarily more speculative than factual. Moving to IMHO from GQ.

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Repealing the 22nd Amendment and giving Bush a third term?

But seriously… I literally cannot imagine what it would take - in the real world, that is - for the United Kingdom to cut all ties to the United States. We are so intertwined politically, militarily, culturally, socially, economically and historically that it is probably impossible.

And glad I am of it, too!

Have you not been paying attention?

There are a fair number of US citizens who are less than happy with the US at the moment.

The British burned the Capitol and White House to the ground in a little squabble we call the War of 1812. If we can forgive that, I’d wager they can forgive a shitty president or two.

At any rate, this would argue that even a direct attack by the U.S. on British soil might not result in a permanent breach of relations.

And there are a fair number of US citizens who are unhappy with…err…France? Italy? Which European country are we talking about again? Well, whichever one it is, I bet some of us are pissed at you! :slight_smile:

For real though, cancel Top Gear and I’ll drop the nuke on you guys Slim Pickens style!

I think you have something wrong. The quote in your post says it was made by Der Trihs , it wasn’t, it was me

I would be ashamed of being an American, on that day.

Pakistan’s our ally. I bet if we treated the UK the way we’re treating them, they would turn on us.

The new ones are much nicer. You should thank them. :stuck_out_tongue: