What would make a good new running gag for the late shows?

Letterman’s kind of beaten Campaign 2000 to death. Every night it’s the same joke. Nothing here. Nothing here. Well, let’s close it up.

And now he has the dumb guy from the old show who sleeps somewhere on stage every night. Boooring!

He dropped a few old gags, like the flaming guy, and no one noticed.

He needs something new. I’d even settle for something old, like “stump the band” that worked for Carson.

And Conan has done the “if they had kids” thing to death. Every night, same thing. Her hairline with his eyebrows and a bigger nose. After doing it 50 times it’s about as funny as drawing a moustache on a subway billboard.

Any new idea will qualify here. No need to sound clever. Late night does thrive on dumb jokes. Just needs new ones now and again.

Maybe Dave could bring back Chris Elliot. I loved his guy under the seats, the fugitive guy, the panicky guy, and the regulator guy.

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I was thinking of.
He had a different gag every season to keep things fresh.
I bet if it was him sleeping on stage it would soon turn into a regular soap opera skit. He’s so good at improv.

How about NAKED TUESDAYS? Everyone on the show is naked (except for guests) and has all of the appropriate bits creatively and coincidentally obstructed (like in the beginning of “The Spy Who Shagged Me” movie. Well, maybe not that racy, but you get the idea. I’d watch, just for the novelty.

I still think “They pelted us with rocks and garbage.” was just damned funny. I’m told I have a weird sense of humor though.

Every show should have a masturbating bear! :slight_smile: