What would Sherlock Holmes look like with different authors?

This thread got me thinking.

Apologies if this has been done before (I know we did a hugely successful Tolkien thread).

Here’s a Hollywood treatment of ‘Sherlock Holmes - think hard!’ :


Sherlock Holmes … Bruce Willis
Doctor Watson … Samuel L. Jackson
Mrs Hudson … Demi Moore
Professor Moriaty … Hugh Grant

Scene 1
221b Baker Street (day)
Holmes is using a punchbag while Watson stares menacingly out of the window.

Watson: Some dude is coming right at us!
Holmes: Gimme a description.
Watson: He’s got a flak jacket, a concealed weapon, a crew cut and looks dmnd fit.
Holmes: Probably an ex-soldier.
Watson gapes at him in disbelief: You mthr-fckr! How’d you know that?

Nothing much to add at the moment except that I think Samuel L. Jackson as Watson would be a real hoot. Also, I think Alan Rickman would make a better Moriarty.

Mmmm…Alan Rickman.