What would Spiderman do in a Bollywood film?

Heres what he would do :cool:

Heh :slight_smile:

Yes, most bollywood films have a mindless song and dance sequence. As a hero, spidey would also talk a lot before getting into action.

Incidentally, the Hindi version of Spiderman will feature a Hindi tune specially rendered and composed for the film:


Also, Marvel Comics has released plans to create a Hindi Spiderman comic series:


“Thus Peter Parker of Queens, the hero under the classic Spiderman mask, will be replaced by a young Indian boy named Pavitr Prabhakar from Mumbai, who will leap around rickshaws and scooters in crowded Indian streets, and swing from monuments such as the Qutub Minar and the Taj Mahal.”

“Spiderman will draw his powers from a yogi while his girlfriend Marie would now be Meera Jain, and his aunt will be called Maya. Spiderman India will solve Indian problems and don Indian attire, even a jooti (traditional shoes) and dhoti (Indian wrap-around worn by men). Marvel Comics announced last week that the character would be introduced in four issues to cover roughly 5 million comics readers in India, which will be a test case for how makriman (Hindi for spider) is received by Indians.”

“In India, Gotham Entertainment brings out comics in English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Malayalam, but it will be the first time that a superhero will be seen in an ethnic identity anywhere in the world.”

Actually, the song in question has not been specially rendered and composed for the film. It is from and album teh Pakistani rock band ‘Strings’. And its a good song/album too.

I dunno, I think that link lacks the depth and style of the original. (Note: Nothing “dirty” on link, but it’s a little noisy)
(I wonder…would there be mass riots and attacks on theaters for the Indian Spider-Man?)

As long as he dances well, he safe. Forget swinging from buildings, he has to swing his hips.

He’s also got to have some really cheesy lines with the bad guys, and get the girl. But he can’t kiss her.

Would there be spanish music too?

Kuttey!! Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaaonga!!

Actually, I would like Spidey more if he uttered those :smiley:

Not entirely necessary. The girl can die (sacrifice herself). Then Spidey can utter the lines I just quoted.

They can, now. Bollywood has changed.

Mein tere bina jiyun nae sagthe. :slight_smile:
Of course can you imagine Doc Ock saying the following:

“Kitne aadme the?” :smiley:

Sure! Anything you want. This is what the masala is all about. In fact, there would be an accompanying troupe with Spidey for that.

And then she dies :confused: Isn’t Bollywood fun?


And Spidey says, “Yeh haath humko de, Doc Ock !!” :smiley:

Hey, can’t have a masala film without tragic Bollywood sacrifce - see Mohobattein. :slight_smile:

:smiley: I need a new monitor after that one!

You know, this is just the right back story for the Indian Spiderman. Kinf of like Spidey meets the Bat. And theres another Bollywood tradition fulfilled, namely, drawing from diverse sources.

I think its a great idea. :cool:

Love the way that Indian Spiderman’s wearing a dhoti!!

Those jootis are too much… everyone knows they have awful grip!