What would they think about the world today if they could travel forward in time?

What do you think the reactions of these various historical figures to modern-day Earth would be, if they were able to travel forward in time through some magical means, retaining the customs and mentality of their own time periods completely? Imagine that they are first transported to a modern library fully equipped with computers and other resources, and given a simple PowerPoint presentation which roughly explains the state of mankind today, and are then given a tour of New York City, Las Vegas, and some random suburban strip-mall town. What would they think of it all? Try to factor in the ideologies and beliefs of their culture, time period, religion, and personal convictions.

  1. Alexander The Great

  2. Julius Caesar

  3. Charlemagne

  4. King Richard I

  5. Genghis Khan

  6. King Edward IV

  7. Ferdinand and Isabella

  8. Prince Maurice of Nassau-Orange

  9. George Washington

  10. Napoleon Bonaparte

Mr. Khan would say, “Yo! This is some whack-ass shit!”