What would you choose as your "luxury item"...

…if you were chosen for Survivor?

Everyone is allowed one luxury item to take with them.
These are some of the items that were chosen: hairbrush,eyeliner lipstick,shaving kit,sewing kit,journal and pen, musical instruments,games,cards,a bible,state flag,an immunity head dress, coloring book and crayons, war paint.

After giving this some thought I would choose petroleum jelly. It could serve a variety of purposes i.e. first aid, moisturizer, waterproofer,lubricant. Then again Crisco could do all those things and it’s edible. Maybe I need to think about it a little more.

What would you choose and why?

Definately a weapon of some description :slight_smile:

A fully loaded Heckler & Koch USP .45
<brandishes handgun ominously>
Vote me off, will ya?

A Bic® Lighter.

Toilet paper.

A crossbow.

Then I would communicate through The Force to one of my teammates to bring along as his luxury item an arrow.

Otherwise I’d have to spend several hours making arrows out of sticks, and that could get old.

Well, technically, you would want your teammate to bring along a bolt (see also: quarrel), not an arrow.

Otherwise, you’d have to spend several hours making bolts out of sticks, and that could get old.


I guess a bolt could be considered a type of arrow, though, but you know what I’m sayin’.

No doubt, I’d bring along my People’s Almanac. It seems to me that they have alot of free time, and I love to read. Assuming I lasted long enough, I could tear out the pages I’d read and use them for toilet paper. Hell, I could eat 'em if I got hungry enough. The book is several thousand pages long, so supply would exceed demand. Alternatively, I could use the pages to organize paper airplane contests, thereby assuring myself a quick exit, and return to the real world.

Probably a notebook and pen. I could use my loads of free time to actually get somewhere’s with my book.

I think toilet paper is one of the things they supply for the contestants. At least they did last time. From what I’ve heard, they supply band-aids, toilet paper, and tampons. Contestants are on their own for the rest.

Anyway, I would probably bring a Swiss Army knife with me.

I’d just like to add that the person who brought eyeliner was Deb, and I’m glad she got voted off. What kind of person brings eyeliner?

A Swiss Army knife or a box of condoms.

I was gonna say tampons. It was the first thing that I thought of, even before TP.

I’d have to go with Swiss Army knife, in terms of practicality.

And JFTR, I have never watched the show.

Hmm I’d have to bring my ummm uhhh ummm… girlfriend as a luxury item. Now does she get to bring anything with her like say birth control :smiley:

God, I’d never make it on that show!! I couldn’t do without SO many things–but, if I absolutely had to pick just one thing, it would probably be face and body lotion, with SPF added.

If there was a surfspot on the island…a surfboard

if not, a technical book and highlighter. May as well learn something while I am sitting around.

The show also provides all the suntan lotion they need. I think the trick is to bring something that everyone might need at some point, making it harder to vote you off. Are they allowed to bring food? Beef jerky maybe, or something else that won’t spoil?

I do like the idea of a shotgun…

<Ka-chack> “Right, you’ll go fishing, you’ll build a hut, you’ fix a fire, - and you there with the camera, you have a latrine to dig.”

Seriously, something to improve the food situation - I’d consider a big spool of thin, flexible steel wire. Bowstring, nooses for traps, flameproof when you need to put a pot over the fire etc. Then again, I wouldn’t go on the show in the first place.

Don’t they get knives ? They did on the European version. (Leathermen, actually.)


Well, Maralyn should be next to go as she brought freakin’ lipstick!!

When I first read their items on the website, I thought a Texas Flag was a dumb idea. That was until I realized he must have stolen the one from the capitol building! That one was huge and will work nicely to block out the sun, much like the one tribe did with the parachute in the first season.

Me, maybe some toothpaste. Everyone can use it, and a brush is easy enough to fashion from a small sapling. Knives and such are supplied apparently as I see them using machetes and other tools. I doubt guns or other weapons would be allowed at all. Scissors might not be a bad choice either.

Mosquito netting. Stops other bugs too.

That’s the worst part of camping out, as far as I’m concerned.

Does anyone know where to find info on what non-luxury items contestants are allowed to bring, and what they have access to?

For example, what is their clothing/footwear allowance? It seems like some of them have several pairs of boots and sandals, and a wide range of clothing. And Mad Dog was wearing some nice gold hoops. How bout those knives they were using - did they bring them or were they in those crates?

I seem to remember from hearing S1 contestants, that they have access to all kinds of health and sanitation products, such as vitamins, tampons, shaving equipment, etc.

Yesterday on the radio Steve Dahl was asking Debb why she didn’t bring matches as he luxury item. Her response was, “Duh! You think I didn’t want to?” So then he kidded her that she should have brought flammable eyeliner with a flint applicator.