What would you choose as your "message painting"?

Inspired by these threads, I was curious what Dopers would choose from any painting in the art world to hang behind them at their first televised speech as World Boss. I feel like Saturn Devouring His Son would certainly make people sit up and take notice.

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I’m in charge of the whole world?

Munch’s The Scream.

It can just be your own nation, if you like. :grin:

I too came to post The Scream, but I’d hang John Munch’s interpretation of his brother Edvard’s iconic piece.

Dogs Playing Poker

A huge refrigerator door, with kids’ crayon drawings on it.

Maybe I’d go for an “All The Children Of The World” vibe, or maybe whichever kids do the funniest pictures of dogs pooping.

Synchronized elimination. Canine Olympics.

Never mind.

Pollice Verso. (bonus!: it’s here in the Phoenix Art Museum. Easy to get.)

I’d pick a Kandinsky. Maybe this one. My message would be “Don’t bother trying to make sense of this wacko place where we are.”

Just to throw another weird one in the pot: Beard baby!


“Young Corn”. Grant Wood

Nothing says “I’m of the People” like a Grant Wood (except Amer. Gothic).

I grew up in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where his studio was and where he lived a good portion of his early productive adulthood. He taught in my junior high, there were borders he did in some of my classrooms and “Young Corn” hung in my school library. I spent hours a week absorbing his art. I thought every junior high student in America was surrounded by world class art like I was.

My first eight years were spent living 7 miles from Stone City, Iowa, another masterpiece of his. The landscape looked like that and I played in the Wapsipinicon River that runs through it. A print of “Stone City” has hung over my fireplace mantel for the last 49 years. Glancing at it is like going home again.

I’m now dictator of the planet? I think this would be appropriate:

The Palette of Narmer, dating to 3500 BC and depicting the establishment of the first Egyptian dynasty to unite the Upper and Lower Nile. It might be the founding emblem of civilization itself: obey the government or die.


Rothko’s Untitled (Black on Grey).

Or Newman’s Black Fire I

Just to let the people know what they’re in for.