What Would You Do As A Tourist in London?

I’ve lived near or in London for over 10 years and I’ve still not done most of the things people would usually do when they are tourists.

I guess I take for granted that I can visit the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham palace, et al, when I have the time, just as I suppose most New Yorkers think the Statue of Liberty is always going to be there waiting for them and they can go some day-- just not today.

So maybe I should ask those of you not in England what it is you would do if you had a day in London? Because I’d like to stop only living in but seeing this city I’ve come to call my home.

Go see a play at The Globe. Looks like you have a choice between King Lear and Much Ado About Nothing.

Go to the top of the Tate Modern or the Skygarden on a clear day (yes, I realize we are talking about London :sunglasses:)

Take a Yeomen Warder tour of the Tower of London

Walk from Camden Market to Kings Cross along the Regent Canal

Go to the Columbia Road Flower Market

Eat at Borough Market, just to say screw you to terrorists

^ This at night, (or the Royal National Theatre perhaps), and the National Gallery during the day. St. Martin-in-the-Fields is just steps away from the art and if they’re doing one of their free lunchtime concerts that day, I’d leave the museum for that hour.

Stay on the road. Keep clear of the moors.

Natural History Museum.
Science Museum.

Open top bus ride around London.
Boat trip from Westminster Pier to Tower of London.
(both of these have running commentaries.)

Tower of London/Crown Jewels
Royal Observatory at Greenwich
Climb up the dome of St. Paul’s
British Museum
Never saw the point of the London Eye

The Eye.

London Walks
British Museum
British Library
Boating on the Serpentine
See a show

Spend 3 years in the British Museum.

I usually go to have tea at the Kensington Palace Orangery, then try to visit one of the stately homes that used to be outside the city but the countryside has long since been swallowed up by the metropolis. There are quite a lot of them–Syon, Chiswick House, Ham House. Next time I plan to see Walpole’s Strawberry Hill House.

Mind the gap!!

Imperial War Museum. I ran out of time before I lost interest. They literally had to herd me out at closing time.

Actually my favorite thing to do in London is go for a walk along the Thames while listening to Ray Davies & the Crouch End Chorus on my earbuds. But I’m odd like that.

I’m going to be there the first week of September. Can’t wait. London is my favorite city to visit.

I’ve been there three times. Each time, I’ve found more to do than I had time to accomplish. Someday, I’m going to hire a BlueBadge and have him/her personally squire me around the British Museum for three days.

One of my most fun things done was a walking tour that took me past Craven Cottage and Stamford Bridge; had I really tried, I could have gotten Loftus Road too. And the walk along the Thames was very pretty.

Another vote for the British Museum. I’m a museum kind of guy.

Having just got back from there:

  1. Don’t go in mid-summer, over-congested with tourists.

  2. Museum of London, especially the section dealing with Victorian London --> Blitz --> post-war transformation.

  3. Red bus hop-on-hop-off tours. Commentary on mine was very good.

I would haunt the British Museum. Then the Victoria and Albert Museum. Then The Natural History Museum…I think you get the idea!

(And I wonder, to myself, if it would be like Inca ruins in Peru, or Churches in Italy, y’know, you see so many that one day…it’s just enough, no more! That’s really hard for me to imagine though!)

My gf went to London with a coworker. They divided their time between pubs and cemeteries. Four days was not enough.

I was only in London for a full day but we did the Red Rover open top bus tour and The Tower! I thought the Tower of London was about the coolest thing ever. The river bus was a nice break from all the tower exploring and our guide was very funny and informative. You probably know this but you can get on and off the river bus too and so it is a good way to hit several areas while enjoying the view and a beer.

The National Gallery
The London Eye
St. Paul’s
Imperial War Museum
Changing of the Horse Guards
Boat ride to Greenwich