What would you do for a grand finale?

Let’s say you are 50 years old. Your parents, brothers and sisters have all passed away. You have no children. You have enough money to last about 5 years if you live conservatively. Your family history dictates that the chances of you living to be 65 are remote.

What would you do?

Spend all of the money on gasoline, fill the reflecting pool in Washington, DC with gasoline, light it and hang glide off of the Washington monument into the flaming reflecting pool.

First, I would spend my remaining money on physical pleasures- good food, prostitutes, etc. Then when I was completely broke, I would implant enough explosives within my body to create a moderate sized explosion, only enough to kill anyone within about a seven foot radius but still be bright and loud.

I would then get to the highest point possible above a crowded public place (a tall skyscraper perhaps). I would run off the edge of the high place, and in midair, detonate the explosives in full view of as many people as possible.

The point being, of course, not to kill anyone, just to startle the heck out of 'em. I figured seven feet would probably be enough to create a big enough bang but not seriously hurt anything.

Just thought I’d make that clear.

As someone who will be 50 in three months, I object to your premise. :wally

Can I watch? Huh? Huh? That sounds like it would be a fantastic sight.

What would I do? I’d try to find a congenial female companion and we’d travel; see some things and do some things that would be fun.

The OP’s stating that you have enough money to last five years if you live conservatively limits this. Maybe I’d have enough money for six months to a year of this fun stuff, then when I became broke I’d find a job and hope family history had little to do with my personal lifeline.

twickster: I’m older than you are and I don’t see anything wrong with the premise. What is there about the question that upsets you? (I don’t wanna fight, I’m just curious)

[QUOTE=John Carter of Marstwickster: I’m older than you are and I don’t see anything wrong with the premise. What is there about the question that upsets you? (I don’t wanna fight, I’m just curious)[/QUOTE]

“Let’s say you’re 50, and your life isn’t worth living any more…”

Could just be the way I interpreted it. I’ll admit that I’m weirding out on turning 50!

Perhaps I could be your congenial female companion … I’ve always wanted to do a tour of the Mediterranean by boat: start in Spain – Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Morocco … whaddya say? We’ll show those young whippersnappers how to have fun!

Oh, Girl! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Straying from the hypothetical and back to IRL, my wife would certainly object. Otherwise, we’d be packin’ for a trip.

Don’t let 50 weird you out. Last month I spent the better part of a week in Baltimore, a place I’d never been before. This was a business trip. 2:00 am was the earliest I got back in the hotel room, with the average being somewhere around 3:00. I had loads of fun and was still able to answer the bell at the 8: 30 am meetings.

Zoe, who like me is well past 50, went on vacation to France earlier this year and checked out the absinthe cellars and so forth. As long as you don’t have limiting health problems life can still be great. In many ways, it’s better. :wink:

Go down swinging.

I would think up some kind of experiment that could be conducted in or around the space shuttle that would kill the individual. Like how long would radiation damage take to kill a person provided they had all the oxygen/food/water necessary.

I just want to see my home planet from space before I go.

A counterclockwise swirl?

Two words: Major Kong.

Of course, it might be a little hard to get ahold of a multimeg nuke. :frowning:

But yeah, I’ll pretty much have to go with the “spectacular suicide” approach. Though I’d try not to take any innocent people with me. (Possibly bad news: I’d get to decide who’s “innocent.”)

Gee I don’t know, I think wasting away in an opium den in Bangkok would be more pleasurable that going out with a bang.

C’mon, twickster, I’ll be turning 50 in about 6 months. I just don’t find it to be that big a deal. Just another birthday candle on the (low fat) cake, is all.

Oddly enough, the OP pretty well describes me to a ‘T’. So, here’s what I plan to do: Keep running 6 miles a day, eat healthy, see my cardiologist twice a year and take the medications he prescribes, retire on the first day I’m eligible, and family history be damned. The Grim Reaper better be prepared for a fight when he comes looking for me, because I’ll be kicking and screaming all the way.

Although I do kind of like the idea of hang-gliding off the Washington Monument…