What Would You Do With $39,000,000?

Despite every local Las Vegan running to the local’s casinos to win MegaBucks, the BIGGEST JACKPOT IN LAS VEGAS HISTORY, a 25 year-old software engineer from California won it at the Excaliber Hotel today.

He put in 100 dollars and wasn’t even looking when he won…he asked the lady next to him, “What did I win?”

Needless to say, the locals are thrilled for him.

At any rate, what would YOU do with $39,000,000 (paid off over 20 years…half in cash, minus taxes)?

Out of debt (duh)

Start a series of theatre scholarships around the country

39 mil isn’t that much money. I couldn’t even take over Belize with that.

pay off debt of self, girl, mother and close friends.
Set up funds for kids education.

Set up scholarship for gifted but poor kids that would pay for some of school and most of living expenses, providing they make the grades I would require.

Spend the rest of my life traveling and training Martial Arts. nice.


Step one: Buy house.

Step two: Buy booze.

I don’t think I even need to add a step three (though, maybe later in life, I may need to go to step twelve…)

You are the “wet dream” of every casino in Las Vegas!

Spend it.

Pay off debts, buy a house, put a little of it away so I wouldn’t have to worry about retirement, then give the rest of it away.

Pay my share of taxes. Yippee!

Tithe the gross amount.

Set aside a quantity to assist nieces/nephews (12 below the age of 14 so far) with college expenses.

That would probably exhaust $39 million.

  1. Hire tax lawyer/accountant.

  2. Pay off car and truck.

  3. Buy snug little house with lawn measuring 50 feet by 3000 feet

  4. Buy airplane

  5. Quit job

  6. Go flying

Pay off my house, Mom’s house - help bro with his (but not pay it off, maybe give him a year off from paying)

Invest some to make sure I have a good steady income. Then quit.

Then throw the biggest dopefest I can - with special friends getting an all expenses paid invite!

  1. Take care of my kind, hard-working neighbor: Give her a big down payment on a house, pay off her car, pay for her son’s education, make sure they both have medical coverage for life.

  2. Ensure my family’s comfort. Buy a home for myself and The Future Mr. Mercy Street and acquire an automobile whose “Check Engine” light is not contractually obligated to stay on.

  3. Quit job. Devote life to training hunter, jumper, and dressage horses and alleviating the suffering of stray animals.

  4. Fund corrective surgery for the facially disfigured.

  5. Go nutty buying Hermes scarves.

Change my phone number.

Pay off my house, my sister’s debt, my brothers’ debts and my mother’s debt.

Buy a Volkswagen beetlebug.

Put a good-sized chunk into bank accounts for my daughter, my nieces and my nephews.

Add a bathroom to my house and remodel the studio. Also redecorate in general.

Buy a LOT of craft supplies.

Go back to school to take classes in anything I want.

Pay for my mom to get her knee replacement and related medical expenses.

Buy her a house

Pay off debts.

Buy myself a house.

Set up trust funds for the kids.

I think I owe Gaudere a very fast yellow sports car.

Oh and the Shelby Cobra, Cobra Daytona, and Ford GT40 for myself.

The cars will prob end up getting lonely as I will be constantly travelling around the world, but thems the breaks.

[Office Space]Two chicks at the same time.[/Office Space]

Really, I think, with that much money, the question is “What wouldn’t you do?”

I would set aside about a million for immediate use–paying for my college at the best university I can find (so I can get a job if this all falls through), buying a small house in a nice neighborhood and starting a few new [expensive] hobbies. I’d then invest a hefty portion of it in a diversified portfolio, so I can live off that for the remainder of my life.

Whatever’s left goes to charity–or, better yet, I’ll convert it all to 100-dollar bills and stuff 'em in a leafblower (taking precautions to modify the blower so it doesn’t destroy the bills), then run around town shooting people at random with money. Get my friends in on it, too. Make it like a paintball fight.

I hope to f*ck that I’d have the strength of will to be able to give, say, $19 mill to charity and live off the other $20 mill.

I’d then buy houses for all my family, a serious party vacation for all my friends, then I’d get a cottage in the west of Ireland, a house in Oxfordshire, England, an apartment in Hong Kong, a holiday home on an island in Thailand, and farmhouses and vineyards in France and Spain. And an Aston Martin, a Dax Viper, and a Marcos Gullwing to drive. I’d invest the rest in secure accounts and live off the interest. And then I’d start writing novels and books on travel,sd and taking flying lessons.

And I’d buy some decent servers for the SDMB.

First off, I’d quit my job. Not that I don’t like working there, but there would be no reason to work, of course. I’d pay off all my debts, buy a brand new car and move into a nice, but still relatively modest house (I wouldn’t really want to live in a big mansion and flaunt my wealth). I’d help my sister and her husband get back on track (her husband’s former business partner embezzled money from their partnership and left them holdig the bag, bastard!) I’d help the rest of the immediate family and help get my parents into retirement. I’d travel to various places around the U.S. and around the world. I’d visit people I’ve known on the Internet for the past few years but have never met in person. I’d invest some of it and donate some of it to charity.

1.) Hire an accountant.

2.) Pay off all debts for myslef and my parents.

3.)Set aside retirement funds for my parents.

4.) Give a chunk to the Indiana University Of Pennsylvania Comunications department with the stricture that it be used to fund photography courses.

5.) Buy a block of row homes in Philadelphia, remodel them to be living space/studio/gallery space and rent them dirt cheap to struggling young artists.

6.) Split time between art/charity and working on my spacious country home somwhere north of Philly.

7.) Rescue as many greyhounds as I can manage.