What would you do?

This story comes from a little town north of Indianapolis, and I would like to know how you would deal with this.
Prosecutor pondering charges against teacher

April 25, 2003

Lebanon – Authorities were waiting Thursday for county Prosecutor Todd Meyer to decide whether to authorize criminal charges against a teacher who authorities say tied a student to a chair to discipline him.

Lebanon police have turned in evidence against Lebanon Middle School science teacher Ann Linton, Lt. Brent Wheat said Thursday.

A sixth-grade student told officers that around noon Monday Linton used twine to tie him to a chair for rolling a pencil across his desk, Wheat said.

On Tuesday, Lebanon Schools officials put Linton on paid suspension through today. Linton declined to comment Thursday.

School officials said she had became frustrated after the 13-year-old boy repeatedly disrupted class.

Would you sue the teacher?
Would you beat the daylights out of your child?
Would you beat the daylights out of yourself because your child was out of control in the class room?

If I was the teacher (in hind site) I would get my cell phone out of my purse and call the kids parents at their job and let them be disrupted!
Or I would get the principal down to my office and let him be disrupted!

I went to Catholic School in Philadelphia, PA, USA.

I’d be thankful for the leniency displayed by the teacher, and my parents would have been pissed that they paid all that tuition and got lackluster discipline.

Stories that night at dinner would be about how many beatings, or cruel kneeling exersices the endured and how good it was to get real discipline.

They’d feel cheated.

In Lebanon schools, the teacher has the option to send the student to the office or call administrators to come and deal with a student. It is not like a Washington, DC, school, where one presumes that administrators will do nothing and even punish a teacher for daring to ask for some help in discipline.

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