What would you do?

I was reading though a thread by Cartooniverse about a similar situation. Great post by the way!

This has been bothering me for a while so I want to know how others would have done.

My buddy got into a fight outside of a nightclub.This fight occurred because my friend commented his girlfriend, and this guy took it wrongly. He started the fight by headbutting my friend. Wrong move. The kid he was fighting didn’t stand a chance, but still kept at it. This kid took his shirt off and threw it on the ground. Then they continued to trade blows. Then we here the “woop woop”… Everyone scattered. The kid grabbed his shirt and grouped up with his girlfriend. At this point the police confronted were everywhere.

Anyway, after everyone had scattered and this guy grabbed his shirt I noticed 2 plastic cards lying on the ground. I went over and picked them up to see what they were. It was his and his girlfriends driver license’s. I thought for a second on what I should do with them and decided I should give them to them. I lost mine 2 weeks prior and I went through shit trying to get a new one. Not only that I was unable to get into any clubs, buy booze, etc. It wasn’t very fun and ruined my weekend so I didn’t think this kid and his girl deserved that. They were disoriented and just misunderstood something.

After me and my friends met up, my buddy in the fight was super pissed, and venting like I’d never seen before. He really wanted to kick this guy’s ass badly since the kid headbutted him and his nose was bleeding everywhere and kind of making it look like he had gotten beat up, you know… He continued on and was like “Man, who was that fucker? Does anyone know who that was. I’m gonna beat the shit out of him if I ever see him again”… Here I am like, uhh… No one saw me pick up these ID’s and hand them back to this kid. I didn’t mention anything about them to anyone.

What would you have done with the ID’s? Would you have told your buddy what you did?

It kinda sounds like you’re all kids, so giving the IDs back was a mature thing to do.

As an adult, if I felt my friend had genuinely been assaulted, I’d have kept the IDs and turned them over to the police so my friend could press charges.

Tell your friend or don’t. I don’t think it matters. He’d have used them to cause more trouble. If he has a problem with it, it means he expects you to help him actually track the guy down and beat him up, which is really fucking childish, not to mention criminal.

So what you’re saying is only kids fight at nightclubs??? It’s the alcohol that makes a lot of people ACT like kids, and they don’t care about the legalities of their actions.

I don’t know about you, but as an avid clubber I see fights nearly every time I go, which are usually broken up by security. Most of these fights are towards the end of the night. These fights are with people anywhere from 18-50…

3 weeks ago this guy was leaving a strip club. He was caucasian (definitely a tourist in his 50’s, and drunk out of his mind) and with 2 others and a small asian girl (pretty sure she was a hooker). When the club closed everyone moved their conversations to the parking lot. This guy figured it would be wise to pick a fight with another girl (kind of butchy). Long story short this guy ended up getting his ass kicked for the next 10 minutes by maybe 30-40 different locals. I was the only other white guy in the parking lot. The dude and the 3 others with him ended up going to the hospital. He himself wasn’t conscious and left his blood everywhere. Worst thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I would have thrown the guy who assaulted my friend’s ID in the trash or in the gutter or something. I also would have jumped in when he headbutted my friend.

Wasn’t necessary. This guy was half his size and stood absolutely no chance. The headbutt was a cheap shot that turned the fight to a physical one. The guy was just thrown around like a rag doll while his friends just stood there. We were only jumping in if they did.

Well that makes sense. I had it in my head that your friend got headbutted then wailed upon. Yeah, in your case no jumping in was required.

I wouldn’t have told I had the ID, that’s just escalating things and could get your friend in a lot of trouble.

I would’ve tossed the IDs into the trash, or given them to the police.

The “kid” decided to assault someone else over his mistaken read of a situation, and whatever his state of mind, a lost ID was the least he “deserved”

And no, I wouldn’t have given them to my friend, it could cause further stupidity, should he decide to go and pay “the kid” a visit at his home for a continuation of the fight.

I would’ve given the IDs to the cops, or if I might have given them back if I truly felt pity on them. I definitely wouldn’t have told my friend though. All that could do is cause problems.

Another vote for giving the ID to the cops. The next person this guy headbutts might not be twice his size, and he seemed to have done a bit of damage to your friend regardless of the difference.

I would also tell your friend not to comment on other people’s significant others, even if it’s a totally innocent remark. Quite a few guys are wired a bit tightly when it comes to their girlfriends, and when you throw alcohol into the mix . . . well, best to pretend you don’t even notice their partners.

I would have given the IDs back.

I would also avoid interacting with drunks, and disdain clubs where fights break out regularly.
I’d rather enjoy my leisure time with civilised people.