What would you do?

If you found underwear in a pile of clean clothes that obviously don’t belong to anyone in the house? Is it worth calling the cops?

Why would you call the cops because a piece of ass your roommate got left her/his undies behind when they bailed??

I’d assume my flatmate got laid, why would I call the cops about that? :confused:

“911, what is your emergency?”

“I found strange underwear! Help, help!”

I would do nothing.

I’d start a thread about it. That’s the only responsible action.

Why on earth would anyone call the cops? Oh wait this is a Diamond thread.

I know, right? :smiley:

Should I assume you don’t use a public laundromat? I’d feel bad for having accidentally ended up with some poor sod’s underpants. If I had my own washer/dryer I’d wonder if they were my SO’s. If still no, I’d start to feel a bit confused.

How do you cross the street without getting hit by buses?

In a Diamonds02 thread, it’s best to not assume anything she hasn’t yet posted (topics and facts from other threads she’s started are fair game).

Weird, I would have sworn that Diamonds02 had been banned.

I’d say your SO was having an affair.
That’s all I’ve got.

And this sums it up. :wink:

More details:

This is at my parents and female cousin that sometimes stay over with them. My dad found guys’ underwear that didn’t belong to him and that freaked him out.

Start your own thread! We can’t derail this riveting and helpful conversation.

The dilemma…

They might belong a guy friend of my cousin. If so, I don’t want to rat her out. Or, they might be a old pair that belonged to me. I really don’t remember. My dad asked me if they were mine and if I were gay. Obviously, I said “no”.

So my dad thinks someone like broke in or my mom or cousin is allowing company while he is gone and he wants to call the cops. Crazy, I know, but that’s my dad.

The police in my area often decline to respond to murder calls especially at night, a dead body once laid on the ground a few doors down from 2am to dawn because police refused to enter at night. When they do a raid it usually looks like urban military operations including circling chopper.

I am sure they will respond right away to a call of strange undergarments.

Strange underpants --> ? --> Profit

But aren’t you gay? So you’ve not come out to your parents, or at least your dad? And he’s flipping out because your mom or your cousin may have had company without his permission or knowledge? Your dad sounds like a treat.

Wear them.

So, your cousin left behind some underpants [del]gnomes[/del]? I think you should start a thread about it.