What would you imagine your odds of getting Covid over the next couple of months?

My odds should be pretty high given that I’m around unmasked people quite often. I’m boosted. I have a New Years wedding to photograph which I assume will be unmasked. I just shot a wedding in Jacksonville where everyone was unmasked as well. I doubt in these environments the mask I wear will offer much protection, given I’m right on top of people in crowded dance floors photographing. I also have two kids (7 and 5) who do in-person learning, so plenty of vectors to choose from.

I’m hoping my chance of getting it again are zero. Here’s hoping. Anyone that isn’t a hermit (such as people who have jobs) will most likely get Omicron. For the rest of the pandemic we had a few people at work get sick but no clusters. One or two at a time. Right now it’s probably at 15-20% currently sick.

Odds may now be 100% - the spouse and I have been down with “bad cold” symptoms over the past week, and I had a faint positive on my last lateral flow test. We’ve now managed to take and send off PCR tests, so we’ll see what turns up.

I had a similar “bad cold” just after Halloween (with numerous negative lateral flow tests) and am wondering if that was a reaction to COVID as well, especially as I seem to be on the mend already after only a few days. The last “cold” took a couple of weeks to recover fully from, and the spouse appears to be going through the longer timescale for recovery that I had last time.

Again - both of us are fully vaccinated with booster.

Fyi, for other American posters: today i learned that what we call antigen tests, or rapid tests, are called lateral flow tests in the UK. I’d been wondering if that’s what lateral flow tests were, but finally looked it up.

(Maybe UK posters are interested in knowing what US posters mean by “rapid test” or “antigen test”. Or maybe I’m just slow, and everyone else understood that.)

There are molecular rapid tests, as well, in addition to antigen tests, so not all rapid tests are antigen. But most rapids are antigen-based (my pediatrician offers both in-house rapid molecular and the PCR that is sent out to a lab.)

What’s a “molecular” test? I assume all tests use molecules. :wink:

In our state, it is still required. So it is a bit off-putting to go into a business and see a sizable portion of the customers AND staff unmasked.

Amen, and I have totally made shopping decisions based on where there re high levels of mask compliance. The Korean supermarket near us has definitely been getting more of our business than they otherwise would. Everyone masks there, and properly, covering nose and mouth. I’m starting to wonder whether we should go back to Instacart for places like Costco, as much as I hate the idea.

The times I’ve been to Costco, mask compliance has been fairly good despite their not being required here.

Overall, while our household is still very isolated (we mostly do grocery pickup, and avoid other outside activities most of the time), there’s a larger chance than I’d like that we’ll be exposed at some point. Three (nonlocal) friends of mine have said their adult kids were diagnosed shortly after Christmas - presumably due to family gatherings. The World Health Organization is saying that 50% of Europe might be infected in the next 6-8 weeks (the article I read did not offer any predictions about North America).

We’re avoiding travel as well, though we are travelling in early May and that’s non-negotiable (a bucket-list kind of thing).

So - no clue how all this translates into percentage chances, of course, but it would not surprise me if one of us came down with it at some point.

Went to a stupid memorial service for my FIL on Sunday. And the 2 days preceding, I met with several folk who had flown into town. Wore an N95 - several folk were unmasked. And everyone took off masks for a meal after.

Still have my sense of smell. Feel fine. If I don’t get it from THAT, I’m gonna figure it is pretty much a crapshoot.

N95s are pretty darn effective. There are still health care workers who haven’t gotten infected yet, thanks to them. I think one event is unlikely to do you in.