What would you name this chapbook?

I’m putting together a chapbook of my poetry for some friends. All of the poems relate to being a rape survivor, so they are fairly intense. I have it ready to go, except for a title.

My choices are:
**What It’s Like ** The first poem in the series. It’s a killer poem, and a pretty understated title. Which might be a good thing, I’m not sure.

Ask a Woman Another title from the book. Not as understated, but I don’t know–it sounds too much like “Ain’t I a Woman” or something…

Profane Cipher Okay, a very cool title. It’s a phrase from one of the poems, and I like it a lot. But I don’t know–it might be too out there. Plus, it’s not as all-encompassing as the first two titles.

I considered an epigraph/subtitle, but nothing brilliant comes to mind, so a short title would be better, I think.

Input? Ideas?
Thanks, Dopers! :slight_smile:


When choosing a title, I tend to prefer the unusually memorable. “Profane Cipher” fits the bill of the three.

**Back Down That Road

Over You Over Me

See Me Now

Ask a Woman What It’s Like

Useless Wanderings

Tales from a Time Ago

Lower the Fence**

…Don’t really know where they came from, but maybe they’ll spark something

I would go with What It’s Like. Considering the subject matter of the poems, this title is understated, yet powerful and intriguing.

And congrats on the chapbook!