What would you save?

Okay, your home is on fire , your family and pets are perfectly safe, you’re safe, that shoebox in the back of your closet filled with important papers is safe. The firemen havent arrived yet, you only have time to save one sentimental item from your home.

What would you save?
I would probably save the teddy bear and binkie I’ve had since I was born. I dont think I’ve ever slept a night with those at least in the same room.

Or I might save my pictures, I have a huge box full of very organized pictures of just about everyone I’ve known since I was 3, my mom kept them until she didnt have room, and now I keep them.

What would you save?:confused:

Photo albums.

My knitting.

I have backed up all my photos onto CDs, and I got one of those wallets that hold a ton of CDs from Target. I also put all my software discs in it. So I would grab that. Since that only takes one hand to hold onto it so I get to save something else - probably my computer tower, then I’d run.

If you have a scanner and a CD burner, I’d recommend everyone back their pictures up on CD-R, it’s a lot easier to grab one CD wallet than a bunch of albums, and if you’re super paranoid, you can make 2 copies of the discs and store one set away from your house, in a safe deposit box or something.

My husband

My cats

My signed George Bernard Shaw

My wedding album

My mp3 CD collection

in order…

I’d grab my iMac. It’s got pretty much everything else I need – all my photos, music, important documents, etc.

My books, my computer, and my TV. I don’t really have anything else.

Been there, done that. Saved my family. Nothing else matters.

I’m sure the OP is actually asking “what is important to you” but what a stupid fucking way to ask it.

Well, I just figured I’d ask it that way, becauseif you ask someone whats important to them, they’d probably say 'family", this way, I know you’d probably say family,so what else is important to you?

Oh god, I hope I could carry my pc down 3 flights of stairs…lol. I’d be quite lost without it. I should really back up files.

Gotta say I understand the light spirit of the OP, but would reiterate what superbee said - NOTHING else matters that much.

We lost a family friend, who left five children orphaned when she got everyone out safely, and ran back in for the photo albums.

Assuming all loved ones are safe outside, I’d go for my photos too. Maybe then the PC, and the keys to my car and my motorbike.

And I’d save the IMHO forum, too. :slight_smile:

Yes, but would you be able to lift it, Coldie?

I’d grab the suitcase that holds all my D.Phil dissertation work. I put it in a suitcase, with an easy-to-grab handle, just for such an eventuality.

We went through this last year when the next door neighbours place went up. The houses are joined by a tree at the back and the fire could have very easily spread. Luckily, the fire station is just up the street.

Only one kid was home. I stuffed the car full, just in case. In went the big Rubbermaid bin that holds family papers, souveiners, and the baby books. I also grabbed the metal box full of family pictures, some dating from the 1800’s. Next was the briefcase with all my poetry back to '73 and the disks that hold the manuscripts of my novels. Last up was the boy’s babyhood Teddy’s.

All the inside pets were brought out into the yard. Fortunately it was a warm summer night.

That was some scary time, alright. My best friend was burned out a few years back and Kid, the Elder’s best friend’s family lost their house just a short time after our fire. He happened to be there at the time. Only the three boy’s were home when it started. (My son is sixteen and the other’s were sixteen and thirteen.) The computer caught fire. My son happened to be asleep and the others woke him up in time to get out safely, but the house was gone.

Fire. Not a nice word around here.

(Some of these I don’t have yet)

The wife and kids #1

The Cat #2 (if I had one)

My writing #3

My Photo negatives #4 (Screw the album)

My computer #5

Everything else #6

The dog’s leash (Which secured the dog to something heavy like the radiator.) #7

The wife’s or the kids’ dog #8


On a serious note. My condolences to LifeOnWry’s family friend’s family. What a horribly pointless waste.