What Would Your Hip-Hop Name Be?

A guy at work calls me Thumpa D, on account of the twin four-and-a-quarters and the 6.5" bazooka I got in my Tracker. Boom, baby! :rolleyes:

The child and I have rapper names.

I am Elinem. Playing on Eminem, only my initials are…oh never mind, if I have to explain, you missed it.

She is 49 cent.

I had a friend who was radio DJ (80s hip-hop, R&B) who went by Tone Def Jeff.

I guess I would have to be MC G-squared, although G-square might be more appropriate.


It kinda sounds like “I’m a hippopotamus”

I’d be either White Choklit, Cool Papa Piro or Lap Dawg G.A.Y..

I got mine straight out of a Conn saxophone ad from the 1930s: The Notorious Buzzy A.


Big Ezr

What, no umlauts?


Hijack: Tell me that wasn’t a Tokarev, was it? Had it been retrofitted with a safety?

I like to call myself “The Notorious M.A.Y.O.” It works better when you know that my last name is, indeed, Mayo.

Grandmasta Specta Pithecazanthropus

No, it was two Makarovs. Hence, the name.

Me? nothing more than:

Pizza FOO!

MC Donald’s

Mr. DustyButt… There’s a lawyer for you on line one.

DJ Eye Kin Spehl

I was attempting to construct the Latin sentence for “So tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1999” but the verb conjugation made my head a splode.

MC Lackadaisical, or maybe Special El.

Or, since I’ve been feeling a bit tired lately, Mixmaster Comfortable Chair.