What Would Your Hip-Hop Name Be?

Me, I’m torn between calling myself either MC Escher or Tone Def.

As a rapper/M.C. (purely open-mic night stuff, and goofing around in a home studio with lyrics I wrote), I go by D-Bugg, aka Ted Chord. It makes sense to very few people…

One I saw on Cliff Yablonski that made me LOL:

DJ Dinette Set

Case Sensitive, those are great. :smiley:

DJ MyTunes

Vanilla extract

Spinster (if I were a girl)

DJ Thumper

DJ Equalizer

[sub]OK, I got nuthin’[/sub]

Back in the mid 80s I loved battle rhymes. I thought “MC Diss Guys” was a great rap name that said it all. Insult all comers! Then the scene changed, L.A. rappers took over the hip hop paradigm with gangbanging/drug dealer horror stories and beefs that got way serious. By 1995 I thought “Murder Russ” had a nice ring to it. Too bad my name ain’t Russell. Here in 2006, that gangster mack day is past, and rhymes have gotten more playfully explicit and the Dirty South is blowing up with sexual rhymes at really fast speeds and hooks. These days I like “Oralgasm, aka The Gusher.” SOoooOOoo much can be done with that.

This dude at work dubbed me “Beezy”. One time he said, “It’s Beezy, in da heezy, fo’ sheezy!” When I looked at him quizzically, he added, “What are you saying to me, negro?” I felt like I was in a Chappelle sketch.

Mc Mc

What about [Jizmac The Gusher?](www.sito.org/cgi-bin/ egads/segads?idonly=mar) You know, GWAR?

Neither of these are my own creation, but I quite like:

DJ Beejay

C-Unit (for someone whose name begins with C)


After an amusing attempt to shoot two Russian pistols simultaneously, one of my shooting buddies dubbed me TuMak Shaker.

I’m gonna go with “Mix Master Mighty White”

For no particular reason at all, Three Ball.

MC Thinks She’s Still Hip, But Fooling Only Herself

MC New

Okay, I know that sucks.

I’m thinking** DJ Hooker** or Spin Sycle.

Case, If you switch to death metal music, you could change your name to “Tone Death.” Adding an apostrophe could make it into pretentious goth tunes: “Tone D’Eath”

At some point last spring, my roommate decided he needed an Xzibit-style rap name. So he started calling himself Rydiqulus. I was Ubzurd.

Or how bout MC 1100?

MC Dope-Shag works pretty well.

So, “E” then?