Give me some funny, obnoxious, ridiculous DJ names

You know, sort of like the “band name!” game, but with DJs. A friend of mine is going to be getting his own radio show on the local campus FM station and he’s thinking about introducing himself with a different name each time. My best idea so far is:

DJ Bluetooth Ear Douche
I also think DJ Leeerrroooy Jeeeeennnkkiiinnnnnnnnssssss would be kind of funny, though obscure, if delivered with the right emphasis.

Got any?

The webcomic Ornery Boy has a zombie DJ by the name of DJ D-Kay.

DJ Ibouti

DJ Mike Fishman. I’d suggest DJ Candace Cameron in the same vein, but that one is not as obscure.

DJ D.J. is kinda redundant in a redundant sort of way.

I was going to suggest DJ Tanner, in that vein.

Okay, then instead of DJ Mike Fishman, how about DJ Connor?

My wife has a friend - a guy she went to high school with - DJ Pullout.

It’s hard for me to even type that without laughing.

Richard Cranium

Kokaine the Guerilla

DJ Jiggy Sudoku

Dr. Johnny Flytrap, or Venus Fever. One name, two shoutouts.

Funny? The DJ Ibouti one above is the best.
Obnoxious? DJ Granny-fucker
Ridiculous? DJ B-I-N-G-O

Or Ripp Tide. :wink:

Biff Jerky


I am henceforth known as *MC Mic Mix Mac Master *

“I, I-I-I, I, want the knife.”

Wierd Al Yankovic came up with MC Escher in his video for White and Nerdy

DJ Wafflesnatcha

It’s from some web article, but i don’t remember what.

DJ Ango

Vic Trola (or Vic Troller)

Phil Coe