What's your DJ name?

No this isn’t a link to a page where you put in your name and it returns some random name - this is a true mundane pointless question.

Being a teenager I know I thought about being a DJ in high school, one of those almost mythical characters who teens talk about.

I decided if I ever was a DJ I would call myself Foxfire.

Do you have a DJ name?

DJ Connor! DJ Connor!

::racks brain, risks idiocy anyway::

Wasn’t that the oldest on Full House?

DJ Ninjablink in da hizzy!

(If a ninja DJ scratches, does it make a sound?)

No, that was DJ [Donna Jo] Tanner. Is that what Rootabega was trying to say?

Sorry, but to continue: DJ Connor was the youngest on “Roseanne.”

I always figured I’d borrow one of the on-air names my dad’s friends used. My dad was a DJ for ages…starting in high school and on up until about 5 years ago. He has friends working in radio all over the country with some really spiffy on-air names they don’t use any more. Though at the moment, the only one I can remember is Ozzy and that’s definitely not an option. So it looks like…

unoriginal variants of my real name! Woohoo! :slight_smile:

Foxfire rocks. I like.

I always figured I’d go by Slake.


OldEnoughToBeYourMother in da house?

Ok now Listen Hard, I am OldEnoughToBeYourMother and I am here to play some prerecorded music to accompany your merrymaking."

It’s private.


DJ :smack:

Peter Von Meck.

Classical, dude.

I’m working as a Classical Show on WREK in Atlanta (The Georgia Tech station), and as the classical host I don’t use the DJ name but when I do another show which is more fitting I might go by my DJ name, we’ll see.

I think many of those DJ (whatever) names sound a bit generic and tired. I like many of those that dropped the DJ part and simply use one word [Sasha, Digweed, Beirhouz (sp?), etc.]. So Foxfire sounds cool, but DJ Foxfire sounds generic, IMHO.

I’m Flymaster V. That’s where the name came from, although I never have, and likely never will be, a DJ.

Oh, and here in San Francisco, at my favorite club one of the DJ’s goes by “Charlotte, the Baroness”. Kind of corny, but I like.

But, if your a dude then that probably wouldn’t work.

Talking head.

DJ Dschems von Damaskus - after the co-founder of the first coffee house on European soil, Constantinople, 1554 (together with Hakim von Aleppo - my friend´s gonna use that if we ever do a double feature. If we ever get to be DJs, that is.)
Anyway, DJ Dschems von Damaskus has a cool ring to it. Might change it to Dschems from Damascus when I go international.

No, wait, for rocking the international house, it´s DJ universe.zip, definitely :smiley:
…oh wait, I just googled the first one - it´s “Jems from Damascus” in English. Naaah, I´ll stick with the German writing, it´s so much neater.

DJ Dextrin doesn’t sound too bad. My DJ skills however would definitely be too bad