What years were the forums active on AOL?

With all this talk of copyright and conversions membership growth, I keep reading about the AOL system, but never dates.
What years was that operational?

Was it run concurrently with this board for a while?

Was this board created to solve some problem, other than AOL being a smaller audience than the whole web?

It’s not a problem to get it on AOL, you just have to leave their system and go onto the web.

Home schooled, buddy, you just missed the point entirely. The SDMB was once a message board on AOL. It had an AOL address (presumably) and a following of AOL users. At one point, that changed. We now have an SDMB that is not in any way connected with AOL. The OP (original poster) wanted to know when this big change occurred.

This MB was set up in early 1999 because AOL’s contract with the SD/Chicago Reader was expiring and AOL was not interested in renewing. Or something like that.

If AOL was paying for “content” or “readership” (read “connect hours” and “user loyalty”),
then I’ll bet they regret now they couldn’t reach a renewal deal.

This place has grown more than most since then.

As to the OP, I don’t have a clue. When they were on AOL I could only get 2 years worth of archives, and all my questions related to follow up questions from the books, since I’ve never seen the column on paper.

**What years were the forums active on AOL? **
That’s the main question I was hoping to find out about.

It seems to me I started participating on the AOL board in 97, and it officially ended in spring 99 (I say “officially” because if you have the direct link to the AOL board, it’s still there, and a few of the old timers still post the occasional message. I see anywhere from four or five to a couple of dozen every week or two).

I’m pretty sure I registered on the AOL board within a couple of months after they started up. At any rate, it was definitely a pretty new operation. Ed was the only board monitor, and it was a month or so later he “hired” Jane and then TUBADIVA (her username was all caps on AOL) as board goddesses.

I registered on this board in March 99, a week or so after it became available (I was out of town on business the week it started up, so I was a little late joining).

So if my memory is correct, the AOL board went about two years, from mid 97 to spring 99.

Why should it seem so odd that the board just runs by itself without Cecil?

He’s only posted here 75 times since 03-09-1999, why just lately on 10-12-2000 09:08 AM.


Tuba’s gotta read that one, and manny, and Chronos, and all the other mods and admins!