What you've been missing on #StraightDope -- Or "We really love Sue"

*** CanadianS (slamb@remote1981.compusmart.ab.ca) has joined #straightdope
<Jophiel> wb sue

  • NoHeadCow is only 18
    <CanadianS> thx
    <MaxTorque> hey sue.
    <Sealemon> WB sue!
    <NoHeadCow> it’s sue!!
    <BurnMeUp> did that make you sad Libby?
    <BurnMeUp> hyey sue
    <CanadianS> lol
    <Falcon7> Hey Sue!
    <DrainBead> People say “who’s that?” It’s Sue!
    <Jophiel> Sweet Mother of God, it’s SUE!!!
    <BurnMeUp> SUe!
    <BurnMeUp> Buddha’s balls in a sidecar! It’s Sue!
    <MaxTorque> NHC: it’ll happen soon. An 18 year old whose birthday is after yours will appear in Playboy…
    <CanadianS> geez i should go fold laundry more often
    <Jophiel> (As opposed to “It’s Sue, Sweet Mother of God!!!”)
    <BurnMeUp> i just did some of mine
    <DrainBead> Holy Mary Mother of Christ, it’s SUE!!!
    <Falcon7> LOL!
    <CanadianS> lol
    <Falcon7> Damn, Seale!
    <DrainBead> SUEEEE? You sound like you’re calling a pig!
    <BurnMeUp> Jesus Joseph and Mary in a bicycle basket, It’s Sue from Canada!
    <Jophiel> By the Blessed and Holy Light of Jehovah, it’s SUE!!!
    <DrainBead> lol!
    <Falcon7> Sweet Allah be Merciful! It’s Sue!
    <DrainBead> Jesus H. Christ in a chicken bucket, it’s Sue!
    <Sealemon> Well, spanmk my ass, and call me Edna! It’s Sue!
    <Jophiel> Sweet Jesus on a Stick, it’s that Canadian, sue!!!
    <BurnMeUp> Jumpin Jesus with a bucket of Bisuits! It’s Sue!
    <CanadianS> a woman comes in the room and you wanna fuck a chainsaw?
    <MaxTorque> Well, feather my feet and start me grinnin’, it’s SUE!!!
    <Sealemon> lmao@sue
    <Jophiel> Do you feel loved Sue?
    <DrainBead> Well, shove a dildo up my ass and call me Satan, it’s Sue!
    <Jophiel> LOL!!!
    <CanadianS> there ya go drain lol
    <Sealemon> lmao!!!
    <MaxTorque> hehehe db…
    <BurnMeUp> well dip me in honey, roll me in oats and call me a granola it’s the sue chick
    <Falcon7> LOL DB!
    <CanadianS> burn if you were dipped in honey. i wouldnt be rolling you in oats
    <BurnMeUp> woo woo!
    <DrainBead> Can someone post this part of the chat transcript? It’s utterly hilarious!
    <Sealemon> Well, stick a crazy straw up my ass so far I can taste it, attach it to a Hoover, suck my tonsils out my rectum, and call me ColdFire! It’s Sue!
    <MaxTorque> Bless mah grits and call me a corn-pone, it’s that Canadian lady Sue!
    <BurnMeUp> dip me in honey and call me a sugar daddy!
    <Jophiel> I could…
    <CanadianS> LOL
    <NoHeadCow> roflmao Seale
    <CanadianS> lmao
    <DrainBead> Oh, man, I think I’m going to laugh myself into pain again…
    <BurnMeUp> Well shave my chest and call me naked it’s suzie creamcheese!
    <Sealemon> lol
    <CanadianS> oooooh ahhhhhh
    <DrainBead> Shave my ass and call me OpalCat, it’s that Canuck!
    <Sealemon> Well, put a shoebox in my lap and I’ll put on a puppet show: It’s Sue!
    <MaxTorque> Well tie me up, dress in a leather corset, flick a cat o’ nine tails, and…wait, this is just a fantasy of mine…
  • CanadianS hands sealemon an apple pie
    <BurnMeUp> Cover me in spray cheese and call me a ritz, it’s sue the back-bacon eater!
    <Sealemon> well, attach battery cables to my scrote and light up my scrote, it’s Sue!
    <CanadianS> holy shit
    <CanadianS> lol
    <Jophiel> Well give me oral sex and a $100 bill, it’s Sue!! Please??
    <DrainBead> I think I’m going to use “Well, shove a dildo up my ass and call me Satan” in casual conversation now.
  • CanadianS accepts greetings but also cash…
    <MaxTorque> Again with the money Joph… hehehe
    <Sealemon> lmao!
    <Sealemon> this is great
  • CanadianS and after the big flash… disconnects the battery cables from seale’s body parts
    <BurnMeUp> well dress up like a greman prison guard and spank me with a raw pork chop, it’s
    molson drinkin sue!
  • DrainBead is nearly in tears.

“I guess it is possible for one person to make a difference, although most of the time they probably shouldn’t.”

Oh my God… Do we sound THAT stupid?

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Yer pal,

Nah Satan…you sound even worse!!! < grin >

And hey, how 'bout those GIANTS today?

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Falcon, your team lost to the pathetic Ragles, a team we beat TWICE! At least we lost to a playoff team…

Why don’t you just hope that Norvous Turnover is still employed next week so we can exact a little revenge, eh?

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