Whatever happened to Esau?

Some claim you can count the generations of Mankind from the Old Testament. But, take Esau, for example…or the sons of Noah. Whatever happened to them? Surely the Bible coulnd’t track them all like a family tree, right? So, do we assume Esau just went on his merry way? - Jinx

Esau married some Caananite women that his parents hated. He and Jacob made up in Genesis 33. They buried their dad together in chapter 35 and then he went off to Edom to become the father of the Edomites in chapter 36.

So Esau and his people invented cheese? ;j

Edom. Tribe of hairy-chested descendants.

Edam. Yellow cheese from Holland.


A gentle whoosh to you, Ducks. :wink:

Edomites should also not be confused with tiny bugs in the city now known as Tokyo.

As for the sons of Noah, the table of nations is in Genesis 10. They are the legendary progenitors of all the races of the middle east. Shem is the father of the Semites – the Arabs and Jews. Japheth is the father of the Japhethites, and many nations are attributed to his children (and popular legends make them the proto-Aryans or Indo-Europeans). Ham is the father of the Hamites, especially the Canaanites, the descendants of Canaan (the Accursed, Ham’s illegitimate firstborn). The Canaanites are the group wiped out by Joshua and the tribes of Israel after the Exodus.

There are ethnic groups given these names that are not at all related in the manner given here, and there’s a lot of nonsense surrounding the matter, but the upshot is that the heirs of Noah are discussed thoroughly in the Old Testament.

Hmm, is this mentioned in Noah? Prior to Abraham? Fascinating. I will have to explore further… - Jinx :dubious: