Whatever happened to Jessie Camp

I’m hoping the teeming millions can help me find out what happened to Ex MTV VJ Jessie Camp. I came across the only CD his band released and I rather thought it was ok. I’ve tried the normal web searches ie google but all I could find were fan sites that are no longer updated.

Is he performing music somewhere?
Is he flipping burgers?

I’m curious.


And while we’re at it, where’s Kennedy? :confused:

Both Kennedy and Jesse Camp showed up at the 20th anniversary celebration. Jesse’s hair was all one color, and he had no visible piercings. Kennedy looked about like normal.


And whatever happened to Randy of the Redwoods? I have many fond memories of him rambling at me from the electronic babysitter in my youth.

“Next on VH1’s Where Are They Now?; MTV VJ’s…”

Ah, Kennedy was pretty cool.

I know that Julie Brown of “Just Say Jule” was in Clueless…I used to watch that show when I was about 11…there’s probably a ton of jokes I never got.

I heard he finally got off drugs. He acts normal now, or at least he didn’t do all the charades for which he was so notorious when he was interviewed at MTV’s 20th.
His music sucks, though. That hasn’t changed.

I’ve always liked MTV over the years. Even the weird, edgy stuff that others didn’t. I liked Beavis & Butthead immediately, the first time they were on Liquid Television (another show I really liked). I loved Randy of the Redwoods. And I love Jackass.

But Jesse Camp was just a no-talent asshole. He reminded me of Kevin Keith Kalinback from Howard Stern. Funny to laugh at this pathetic loser for a few minutes, but a total waste of time after that. The guy just wasn’t entertaining on any level. As a parody, as a goofball, as the anti-VJ, nothing. This guy should never have been on television.

…can be seen on the HBO show Arli$$.
He plays some dumb ex-football jock.

Thanks for bringing YOUR OPINION into General Questions. Please can anyone else who posts to this tread post information. I’d like to send him a letter. I have my reasons

I keep wondering if Jesse was a plant, or a fake, because he always seemed as if he were stoned.

Julie Brown did some voice work for Animaniacs (Minerva Mink & Julie Bruin) and is currently in the Comedy Central series Strip Mall with Victoria Jackson.

Type in Jesse Camp and a number of sites show, at least one of which offers the ability to email him…