Whatever happened to the great grandmother on Roseanne

What happened to Roseanne’s grandmother on the TV show. She was played by Shelley winters and she would be in some episodes but she just stopped appearing after a while. If she died which episode was that in.

They never killed her off; according to this the last episode she appeared in was in the last season, after Bev comes out; Bev goes to her house to have a mother-daughter talk, and we find out all kinds of stuff about Nana Mary (she posed nude for Picasso, she knew Fidel Castro, Bev’s father is Johnny Weismueller…).

I always liked the Nana Mary episodes, but my absolute favorite one is the third from the last show, when Debbie Reynolds shows up as Dan’s mom and tries to kill him. Debbie Reynolds is hilarious as an insane person.

Well what do you know, looks like Carrie Fisher wrote that episode.