Whatever Happened to Those "Chunky" Books?

I wonder if any SDopers who grew up in the early 1970’s recall those “chunky” books? They were smaller than your average paperback, and thick. Hence, the name “chunky”. It was the term at the time for these books, too, IIRC. I believe they were comic books made into a bound form, and the contents were new material. Can some SDoper help me recall more about these??? Were they comics, and/or what else?

I haven’t seen one in ages. I go looking for old books a lot via yard sales, second-hand stores, used book stores. They never appear. Have they all been destroyed, or is someone keeping them all to themselves? Thanks, - Jinx

Oh yes, the Big Little books. I loved 'em as a kid. There’s a site concerning them at http://www.lileks.com/institute/biglittle/index.html.

It’s pretty funny.

Here’s a better page.

Big Little Books were typically printed with a picture on one page and text facing. They date back from the 30s and were printed up until the 60s, with occasional attempts after that.