What're your favorite MOC images?

Here’s what I’d like you to do for this thread:

[li]Go here.[/li][li]Explore Mars.[/li][li]Come back here when you’re done, and post links to the pages containing the most interesting images you found.[/li][/ul]

You could also give your opinions on what’s causing the interesting features in each image. Hey, this could turn out to be an educational thread, if people with geological knowledge post to it. Of course, interpretations such as “it looks like a giant Martian dog turd to me” are also welcome.

Anyway, to start things off:

This page, in the “MOC image” section, second section of the image from the bottom. Why’s the inside of that crater black?

This is just plain weird looking. What the heck are all those little splotches at the bottom of the crater?

And this is just a pretty example of a valley, I thought (second section from the top of the MOC image).

Go on then. Find some more.