What's a DFE (police rank)?

I’ve recently run into some police ranks or designations that are both unfamiliar and peculiarly hard to find in online searches. (What, are they secret or something?)

The first is DFC. In the short bio of a former Florida cop who moved to a nearby town, it says he was a DFC. Photos show him in a plain green uniform. So… detective first class?

The second is on the series Arrow, where a character was plainclothes detective busted to a beat. They still refer to him as “detective,” but I thought that might be a habit or courtesy… until I saw his nameplate and it reads “DFE Lance.”

So what’s either a DFC or a DFE?

Are you sure it was DFC? Some departments use DFG, Detective First Grade.

DFC. It was a reprint from the police newsletter and used it several times.

I am more curious to find out what the Arrow show runners think DFE means. OTOH, I found out in the course of poking around that NYC has a sheriff’s department…

In that case, I’d say it’s got to be Detective First Class or Detective Sergeant First Class. Still thinking about DFE.

Important thing to know is every single agency has different ranks, and assigns them different values. So it may be hard to find as there are zillions. You might have to check each individual department to know what ranks they have.

For instance, the agency I retired from ranked a Major higher than an Inspector.
Other departments would find this ridiculous, while others don’t have either ranks.

After I retired I took a part-time patrol gig to supplement my pension. This agency has Officers, Specialists, Sergeants, Detectives, and Lieutenants, but that’s it. No Captains. The hierarchy goes straight to the Chief after Lt…

I’ve never heard of anyone other than Sheriffs offices calling their road officers Deputy, and I’ve never heard of anyone other than state police/highway patrol calling their officers Trooper. But somewhere there may be some place where they do!

I say try to find out exactly what agency they worked for and you may find your answer as to what the rank meant. Off the top of my head I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a rank DFE. :confused: