What's a Dimm?

The question comes from a political context, but this is not a political question.

Lou Dobbs, of Fox Business, in reporting on Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord, is being quoted as saying that his viewers should love it merely because “Dimms, Globalists & the Enviro-left” hate it."

What’s a Dimm? Is this the new conservative hate word from Democrats? I’ve never seen or hear it before.

***for ***Democrats, not from

Did you perhaps mishear it? ‘Dhimmi’ is used as a perjorative by some on the right.

How do you know this is what he said, and the spelling? Where is it “quoted”, and how was it transcribed? The most obvious answer would seem to be that he said “Dems”.

It comes from Lou Dobbs “Lou Dobbs Poll: ‘Is Your Week Better Because Dimms and Globalists Are Having A Lousy Week?’”

Perhaps some kind of abbreviation of Democratic dimwits

Some idiot on the show misspelled “Dems.” There’s nothing else that makes sense.

See, and I thought it was "Dual In-Line Memory Modules. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is my vote as well.

Sort of right but not exactly.

“Dhimmi” is an Arabic word for an infidel who agrees to live under Islamic rule. In some Islamic countries, Jews and Christians were tolerated so long as they paid a fee to their Muslim overlords, and promised to be obedient.

Some modern right-wingers lob the word “dhimmi” at Westerners who strike them as too friendly to Islam. A “dhimmi” is to Islam as a “cuck” is to Mexicans.

…and Lou Dobbs didn’t pick up on the cue card / teleprompter mistake.

Lou Dobbs: Feet of Clay or Contacts of Coke Bottles…?

It’s pretty obviously a pejorative from of democrats. #dimms

He certainly did say Dimms.