What's a "double double" to you?

Up here in Canada, it’s most likely a coffee with two cream and two sugar. But I wonder if that goes for other places as well.

It has no inherent meaning to me.

Grew up in SoCal with an In-n-Out Burgers down the street. Guess what my answer was?

Double double

A sprint exercise in high school wrestling where we raced the length of the mat room down and back X 2.

It’s a coffee with two creams and two sugars, but I picked this usage up from the people at Tim Horton’s, so I blame Canadian influence.

I’ve never heard of double-double being used in a coffee context. I have heard of it in the burger context, but that isn’t what would come to mind unless prompted.

To me, a double-double is when you hit double figures in two statistical categories in basketball.

Never heard that phrase.

I agree with Fifth Year - the only context I’ve ever heard anyone actually use the word is in basketball. A cheeseburger with 2 patties and two slices of meat would just be a double cheeseburger around here…

Something I never heard of before.

Outside of basketball, I know it only as reference to a double hamburger with two slices of cheese ordered from In N Out.

Double digit points and rebounds in a basketball game.

The basketball usage is also my understanding of this term.

I’m not Canadian, but the first place I ever heard this was in a Tim Horton’s.

An In-N-Out burger. I’ve never heard it used in any other context.


Something to do with witches cauldrons and Scottish guys trying to usurp the king.

I stand partially corrected in my previous statement. I may have thought of this if not for the ‘a’ in the question.

Animal style, extra toasted with animal style fries.

Basketball, getting more than 10 in two stats like scoring and rebounding.

‘Double double’ means nothing to me, other than to hint of Macbeth.