What's a "foley" in screen credits?

A Foley Artist is somebody who creates the “normal” sound effects for a movie, such as footsteps, doors opening, etc.


Foley artists create all the incidental sound effects that you hear in the movie. Crunching leaves, fists hitting faces, champagne corks popping and the like.

The foley artists are the people who do the sound effects like footsteps, spines being crushed (celery is good for this) and horse hooves (cocoanut halves, in the old days). Basically any sounds that aren’t recorded at the time of filming. ‘Looping’ is the recording of the actor’s voices, frequently done after filming.
Explosions, gunshots and screeching tires, things like that, are usually taken from sound effects libraries. But the foley artists are watching the film and trying to match the noises they are creating (walking, clicking, clacking or crunching, ect.) with the on-screen actions.

Although you’ve gotten good answers already, you might look at http://us.imdb.com/Glossary/F for their explanations.

Today’s UserFriendly Link of the Day happens to be Art of Foley. I haven’t read it, but it looks informative.

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