What's a "Freeper?"

I occasionally have come across this term, most recently here. .

I give. What is/are it/them?

also, how do I do that cool link thing, where you zoom to a specific post

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They are staunchly righty tighties.

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This thread can stay open as long as we stay factual.

Do NOT turn this into a political thread.

Thank you.

samclem GQ moderator

“Freep” as a verb can refer to the bombing of an online poll. If you want to influence the results of some political poll, you might post the link on a site (like Free Republic) and get thousands of like-minded individuals to vote for your favored option. Here’s an example.

As a noun, it can refer to the Detroit Free Press, www.freep.com.

To answer your second question, did you try copying the # link at the upper-right hand corner of each post (right next to the red-and-white warning triangle)?