What's a good coffee substitute?

I loathe the taste and smell of coffee like few other things. I also have chronic tiredness problems. What should I drink instead?

More sleep. Caffeine is only going to go so far, but if you must, tea is the easiest substitute for coffee.

Don’t fall into the soda trap. A jolt of sugar will only exacerbate the problem within the hour. A few things to try:

Check your hydration levels. Next time you feel drowsy, go to the mirror and look at your tongue. Is there a crease down the middle of it? If so, 8 ounces of water every 30 minutes until it is broad and flat.

Check your sleep. At some times in our lives we just need more sleep than usual, especially when we are learning something difficult, or facing intellectual challenges. Going to bed even half an hour earlier can make a huge difference.

Any chance of a nap? I knew a guy who drove a van for just this reason. After he hit 40, he found he really needed a nap in the afternoon. So he’d go out tot he parking lot and lay his head down. He said even ten minutes could help him to feel refreshed.

Take a walk. Just a brisk lap around the office building outside is usually a big help.

If you must go the tea route, consider making a pitcher of iced tea. A cold drink is more reviving than a hot one. If you’re not used to them, hot drinks can make you even sleepier.

I would be lost without a cup or three of coffee in the morning. I know people who drink OJ for breakfast and take a caffeine tablet. Tea is another option. Cocaine is too pricey, doesn’t last long enough, and is illegal to boot.

If you have chronic tiredness problems have you looked in to having a sleep study?

There is such a thing as caffeinated water, but I’d start slow so you get used to the caffeine.

There isn’t any.

My son hates coffee too. He drinks energy drinks every morning. Ick. But to each his own. Get more sleep at night, and look into the B vitamins. You may be lacking.

I just looked at a site detailing the caffeine levels of tea - looks like black tea and yerba mate have the highest amounts of caffeine. Brew them strong, mix in a bit of honey, lemon, and/or milk, and theyr’e a tasty morning drink.

You can stop at one of those Asian tea joints and choose from a large assortment of tea types, and they’ll fix you a huge buzz-worthy drink with your mixer of choice - juice, milk, etc. They’re delicious, and if I could still drink tea, I’d be having one a day.

Take it from one who knows; there is no substitute for coffee.
That said, if your problem is “chronic tiredness”, then coffee probably wouldn’t be the answer anyway. Caffeine might make you “alert”, but it’s not going to make you “not tired”. As others have said, get more sleep, and/or talk to your doctor to see if you have an underlying medical issue.

Did that several years ago. They didn’t find anything.

Doesn’t seem to matter how much sleep I get or what time I go to bed. (That is to say, it doesn’t have a noticeable positive effect. If I get no sleep I obviously feel worse, but getting a lot of sleep doesn’t make me feel significantly better).

I usually drink coffee in the morning but sometimes before a morning workout I have a V8 +Energy drink. They are caffeinated with green tea but are more of a fruit juice.

The body develops a tolerance to caffeine, so taking it to achieve wakefulness is only useful if you only intend to do it once or twice a week. Anything more than that and the body will adapt and use the outside crutch rather than trying to wake itself up.

The best alternative I’ve found is blue-range lighting. E.g.:


And, to get better sleep (if you’re not), try slow-release melatonin.

Yeah, the people who say that they can’t function until they’ve had their third cup of coffee: Their problem isn’t tiredness. It’s caffeine addiction. The problems they’re suffering before their coffee are from withdrawal, and would go away if they quit the caffeine entirely.

From my point of view, a caffeine addiction is better than a heron addiction.

Convince me otherwise.


Tell me about it. Those fuckers are a pain in the ass to properly house.

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I was going to say…i can sleep on ritalin…but it does keep me from falling asleep at the wheel. Caffeine just makes me jumpy and fills me with anxiety.

Have you had allergy tests? Histamine can make you really drowsy. Try an OTC anti-histamine and see if it helps?