What's a good face wash for men?

I was watching Queer Eye, and they were pretty adamant about never washing your face with soap. I thought that was interesting and wanted to give it a try.

So I went to Walmart and clearly they have not achieved a full state of metrosexuality. The men’s skin care aisle was 99% shaving products. The women’s skin care aisle was a 1000 different things which I have no idea what they do.

Please help.

I’m not a man, but I hear the Nivea and Neutrogena for Men facial care lines are good, from Cosmopolitan magazine, if I remember correctly. I’ve seen Nivea for men at Wal-Mart here, it’s not in the line with the shave care but rather within the cosmetics section, with the women’s face washes and whatnot. I don’t recall whether the Neutrogena for men was there as well, though I imagine it probably would be.

Here are some links on those:

Hope that helps, even a little bit!

I have been using Anthony skin care products for about 6 months now and they are great.

I would recommend the Algae Facial Cleanser followed by the Alcohol Free Toner and the All Purpose Facial Moisturizer.

Anthony products, although not the most expensive by a long shot, are also not cheap but they are worth the investment.


Why??? I wash my face with soap all the time and it’s none the worse for it. I can’t see going out and buying some expensive “facial clenser” when soap does the job just fine.

haha queer eye rules.

Anyway, the reason why you shouldn’t wash your face with soap is because it drys it out. Your face probably has the thinnest skin on the body. Continual cracking of it obviously isn’t healthy.

I personally use oil of olay foaming face cleanser. It works fine for me. It drys out my face a wee bit, but not nearly as much as soap. I then just put lotion on my face.

I don’t think metrosexuality will ever catch on. But props to those few who can pull it off.

Cetaphil is always regarded as one of the best cleansers you can get at a drug store. I’m mildly allergic to it and order online - http://www.cosmeticscop.com sells a wonderful cleanser for oily skin. (I’ve never tried the normal-skin version.)

If you have skin troubles, and use bar soap, STOP. Bar soap tends to be alkaline, which may encourage bacterial growth, and even detergent bars contain heavy, waxy lipids in order to keep them solid, and these lipids can clog pores.

By the way, men’s skin is not different enough from women’s to require a separate product. General principles: unscented is best; avoid any cleanser with “microbeads” or “acne medicine” or “hydroxy acids” in it (the beads are irritating; the others are useless in a cleanser since they need far longer to work.) Make sure the cleanser isn’t irritating to your skin; avoid anything with menthol, citrus, or any strong scent. If it feels tingly, don’t use it. In an emergency I’ve been known to use liquid hand soap, but most varieties contain moisturizers that won’t rinse off, and that tends to screw up my skin.

This first paragraph ended up a little screwy the first time around.

Cetaphil is always regarded as one of the best cleansers you can get at a drug store. I’m mildly allergic to it, though, so I can’t personally recommend it. I order a product online - http://www.cosmeticscop.com sells a wonderful cleanser for oily skin. (I’ve never tried the normal-skin version.) Oh, and it’s fairly cheap, too - $18 or so for the 16-oz bottle, which beats just about anything you buy at the drugstore. And the bottle lasts forever.

Well, let’s see, I wash my face (as well as the rest of me, it’s all the same skin after all) with soap…no dryness, no cracking, no clogged pores. I hear what you guys are saying, I’m just not buying it. Personal experience tells me that this (special facial cleanser) is unnecessary* and seems an awful lot like a scheme to try and convince me to buy more crap that I don’t really need.

*Not necessary for me. I know that there are be men out there who, for whatever reason (overly dry/sensetive skin, acne, etc.) need this stuff. I guess I just get a little cheesed about the fact that, for the average person, washing your face with soap is not going to be a problem (people have been doing it for centuries) and this show is trying to convince people that you must use something special for your face.

By the way, where does the special face skin start exactly? The neck? Half way up my chest? My jawline?

Sorry for the slight hijack SmackFu I’m not trying to piss on your thread. Feel free to ignore me if this stuff is inappropriate. I’m just curious about this.

Message from a Queer Guy:

Never use the term “metrosexual” or any of its derivatives again.

Thank you.

Then don’t buy any! If your skin looks good, why would you be concerned? It’s not like bar soap is gonna give you skin cancer - so if your face isn’t dry, or broken out, or suffering from some other complexion problem, keep right on with what you’re doing.

That would be me. I used to have acne - nothing severe, but irritating nonetheless. I read some books on skin care, learned about which products are well-formulated and which aren’t, and I practically never get a zit anymore, and the most important thing for me was using a decent cleanser.

But like I said, if your skin looks good, what are you worried about?

I haven’t known many people (at least non vain, self-obsessed people like me) who were entirely happy with their skin. But there are a few lucky folks out there whose skin will stand up to just about anything - not washing often enough, using badly-formulated products, smoking, etc. But most of us aren’t like that, and so if we want clear, nice-looking skin, we have to take care of it.

I use a facial cleanser instead of a body wash on my face and throat. The facial skin is indeed exactly the same skin that covers the rest of the body (which is why claims about eye cream and “night-time moisturizers” and all that crap are preposterous.) But at the same time, it’s a little thinner, a little more sensitive, and most importantly, more visible. If you get the occasional pimple on your chest or legs, it doesn’t matter. But a big ol’ zit on your face makes you look pretty bad.

(BTW, I don’t use bar soap on the rest of my body either. Like I said, I’m vain and self-obsessed, and I probably have a little too much love for cosmetics.)

I’m not a guy either, but I wanted to suggest the Clean & Clear line (it’s what I use). I personally use the Clean & Clear foaming facial cleanser, formulated for sensitive skin. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t smell girlie, and comes in a convenient pump bottle. It only takes a tiny amount each time, so one bottle lasts for months. I just use it in the shower. You can find it, and other products just like it, at any of the “mart” stores in the cosmetics section. Good luck!

There are two things I’d like to avoid in life on my skin: black heads and sebacious cysts. It seems clean pores are the key, but even washing and bathing with the best soaps may not be enough. I had very few pimples and very good skin overall, but these things, although hardly visible on me, can present a cosmetic problem esp. to older adults because (a) insurance may not cover removal, (b) even if removed, they can reoccur, © are often unsightly on older men.

So far, I have been lucky, but you never know. Not like I’m a slave to fashion or photogenic, but still…I want to keep my status quo, at least! So, finding cleansing skin products for men is something esp. for middle-aged men to consider…as food for thought. - Jinx

Okay, groovy. Thanks for setting me straight there. :slight_smile: There may come a time in the future when I do need this stuff (I hope not) I just haven’t to this point so I’m also taking mental notes here just in case.

Scott Evil, I’m in complete agreement with you. The first time I heard that term I thought the person telling me was pulling my leg. When I found out that she was serious I did this :eek: and then a lot of :rolleyes:.

Scott, Nuro, IANAP(sychic), but

clearly is not meant to be %100 serious. After all, who would expect Wal-mart TO achieve “a full state of metrosexuality”. It is not too much of a stretch to assume that, while the OP was indeed inconvenienced by Wal-marts lack of selection, the quoted sentence was intended to poke fun at both W-M and M-S.

Then again, I could be wrong.

From urbandictionary.com:

Frankly, I’ve no cause to use the word since someone else’s orientation means little to me, especially online, but if you think you can dictate what vocabulary people can use, especially regarding such an innocuous term, then I’d like to respectfully invite you to piss off. People can use the term if they choose and still not violate the reasonably sensitive. If that little term de jour sets you off then you’re being overly demanding, even to a fault.

I started using Clinique For Men when I was roughnecking wells because of long hours in the sun and exposure to harsh materials used in the drilling mud. They’ve got a good astringent, face scrub, soap and lotion. Been using it for a number of years now and I like them better than the limited number of other products I’ve tried.

Smack Fu…

I think its great that you are questioning the bar soap! You should- its evil!
My boyfriend used to question why I used ‘facial soap’ and special lotion for my face… I would explain to him the benefits, but they always went in one ear and out the other, and yet he would always complain about his bad skin. Finally after awhile I got him to try it- and he never looked back. His skin is 100% better and so healthy. I hate the term ‘metrosexual’ and he certainly is not- he just takes care of his skin now. There is no need to buy certain “male” products… try Phisoderm as a cleanser. I use it, he uses it. I highly suggest it. It isnt girly at all… quite unisex and you can pick it up at any grocerie store. And I know that it may be a little harder to get into, but when you are done washing your face. Dab it with face moisturizer (Oil of Olay is great- but my boyfriend goes for the generic grocerie store brand). I would suggest using Facial Moisturizer over regular lotion. In a week or two you will notice a HUGE difference and in 20 years, you will be patting yourself on the back- i guarantee you!

L’Oreal just came out with a line of hair products geared toward men, so I don’t imagine it’ll be long before they do skincare, too. If you’re not worried about using “girly” stuff and don’t want to wait, FWIW I’ve been happy with everything from their line that I’ve tried.

As a woman I am SOOO getting a kick out of this thread!!!

BTW, I recommend Neutrogena Acne Free Face Wash.

Carry on.

I’ve got the Nivea face wash, but I think it’s exactly the same as the body wash (the brand is ‘Lynx’, dunno if it’s available in the States), so I save a bundle by using the body wash on my face.

Mostly importantly, get an exfoliating glove/flannel. Those things rock! Great for getting for reducing blackheads on your back.

Currently in my shower are 4 items.

1 bottle of body wash, oil of olay. (or dove, or dove… nutrium? it’s usually their basic lines(sans the nutrium) I buy it at costco. Any opinons on the 3?)

1 bottle of pantene pro v shampoo/conditioner in 1(yes yes, i’m quite lazy, it saves me 5 minutes… that makes the difference between being on time and late to class for me) Aren’t we supposed to change shampoos every other month or something?

1 bottle oil of olay foaming face cleanser.

1 loufa(MUST HAVE).

Whats the difference between facial lotion and regular lotion? I notice that with body wash my regular skin never gets dry, except sometimes for a small patch at the top of my back. I currently use regular lotion just on my face – so switching to a facial only moisterizer shouldn’t be a problem.