What's a good gentle-noise alarm clock?

They do make them, right? Alarm clocks that start out low and non-alarming, and only progress to beeps and shrieks if you oversleep?

I have one on my cell phone. Alarm Clock Extreme.

It starts by just turning on the screen light. You can pick different bell tones/music that can be adjusted to gradually get louder. I’m a very light sleeper usually, so the light wakes me up. But sometimes I need a bit more of a nudge.

I’m 90% sure I’ve stayed in a hotel room with a clock like that so they (probably) exist.

I’ve had one or two alarm clocks that did exactly what the OP asked for, I don’t have the option turned on right now, but I know I have Alarm Clock Extreme on my phone so it’s probably that one (I use two alarms).

If you (OP) have a problem with being startled out of bed, you could also get one of those lights that gradually get brighter over the course of ten minutes or so. Your body will probably adapt quickly to wake up as it’s turning on, but before your alarm goes off.
You could probably even put a dim bulb in a lamp and put it on a timer. Having it turn on in your room (not next to your face) will start waking you up as well.

Many years ago, I had one of those electric timers people use on their lamps to make burglars think their house is still occupied while the owners are away. I connected it to the electric fan I always had running while I slept. By shutting the fan off half an hour before my alarm clock went off, I would lose the benefits of the white noise and possibly start to over heat.

I have one of those Philips alarm clocks that simulates a sunrise. Goes from very dim and red to very bright and yellowish-white over 30 minutes. Then it fades in an audio alarm from a variety of ‘soothing’ options. Like the ocean with gulls, or some tinkly piano, stuff like that. I still say “fuck” as it wakes me up each morning, proving that no amount of gentle coaxing makes me happy about getting out of bed.


If you use a smartphone, it should usually come with an assortment of 20-30 different alarm clock sounds for you to choose from. Can be soft music.

Honestly, I use my cell phone or iWatch for alarms. You can set them to any music you like (mine plays a guitar version of Pachelbel’s Canon to wake me up). That seems the best way to go…assuming you have either a smart watch or smart phone, of course.

I just use my smartphone. Lots of sounds I can choose for “reville”

I use a tablet that has an app designed to slowly increase the volume on the alarm. I like that far better than a regular alarm.

I do have a smartphone, I just don’t like keeping it in my room or using it for those sort of things.

Why? Most of the new ones have a do not disturb mode, so you can block calls and/or texts if that’s the issue. If you don’t though you don’t. What about something like an Echo Dot or something like that? I haven’t used one, but they probably have similar features wrt programming alarms to be better than buzzes or beeps. There are several different types that should work. Or the smart watch idea, if you don’t mind a smart watch in your room.

My old Blackberry Playbook tablet had a very cool futuristic-sounding escalating alarm. I think the current Fire HD has something like that, too, and I think the general idea would be to use a tablet or smartphone – with an add-on app if necessary. But for times when I really absolutely have to make some important appointment, it’s usually a combination of an electronic device like that and no less than two different battery-powered alarm clocks set to a slightly later time. Too many things can go wrong for critical wake-ups with overly fancy smartphones and tablets. Nothing like the shrieking beeps of a $5 IKEA alarm clock to serve as the Final Frontier against sleeping in!

I recently heard the most bizarre ring tone of someone’s phone; seemed to be based on the same principle.

It began with a soft spoken gentle cadence of “Ring…ring ring…ring ring ring”, and as the sequence/cadence progressed the voice tone became sharper and more frenetic, almost angry. One of those tones that you better answer the call within 6 or 7 seconds or you’ll get funny looks.

i have one also. best thing ever. i can’t believe i spent all my life waking up to that awful buzzing noise 5+ days a week. get one of these on ebay for half price.

I use Music Folder Alarm Clock from the Google Play store.

Very simple.

Create a Folder. Put short music tracks you want played. Use numbers in filename to control order. Point the App at the folder.

I have mine setup similar to this. Got the tracks from YouTube. Edited them to time indicated.

1_GentleRainDrops (30 seconds)
2_HardRain (30 seconds)
3_RainandThunder (60 seconds)
4_BornToBeWild (3:30 mins)

Use whatever you want. Gregorian Chants, fireplace crackling, kitten purring etc.

A rock song is a good choice for the final blast you out of bed option.

I usually reach for my phone when I hear rain & thunder.

I don’t like to have to keep juggling moving pieces, because I have a terrible memory and I forget to reset things. So I prefer an alarm clock that stays on my bedside, and a phone that’s always on ring mode. (I always get nervous when I have to shut off my phone or put it on airplane mode, because I just know one of these days I’ll forget to put it back on).

Just avoid the hooting owl.

I generally set an alarm clock and use the cellphone as a backup. Typically I forget to shut off the cellphone alarm when I wake up, and hear the damn owl sounding off when I’m in the shower. :smack:

I’m sure it’s a lot like the Phillips clock we use. Not that aggressive a chime, even at max, so look to something else if you need the, “GET UP NOW!” kind of alarm clock.

I’m happy with it though.

EDIT: The light is quite bright at max though, and will easily light up a small bedroom. I recommend the clock heartily. Supposedly it has a radio, but I don’t use it.

You can lead a horse to water…

Seriously, there are multiple great solutions on your smartphone. My suggestion is re-learn your routine. I mean, you have the darn thing, use it to it’s full potential. And, you can rotate through gentle sounds basically infinitely.