What's a good gift for a 18 month old girl?

What should I buy an 18 month old girl for an Easter present? I’m looking to keep it under $20.00 I’m trying to avoid clothes as she’s growing quickly. She looks very tall for her age from the pictures I saw of her last week.

A book is always a good idea – for an 18-month-old, one with lots of pictures.

Stuffed animal, assuming you can find one for under $20 (I dunno how much they cost).

Is an 18 month old ready for Dr. Suess?

For Easter? A stuffed bunny!

-A large Doodle-Pro
-Duplo building blocks

You can buy Dr. Seuss board books - those chunky little books that will withstand some amount of chewing.

Get her a waterproof book, like this. My nephews and nieces love them, and they can have them in the bath, out in the rain as the parent trudges along, in the pool, in their mouth…

My advice: go to the toy store and look for gifts that say 18 months or 2 years. Virtually all children’s items will have these labels.

When my daughter was 18, I gave her a toolbox with a bunch of tools that are generally handy to have around. She made fun of me. Eight years later, she’s still using them.

Yeah, books.

Books illustrated (and often written) by Simms Taback are cool because of their bright colors. Our favorite was Who Said Moo?.

If the family is at all into nature and wildlife, another excellent choice is If You Were My Baby.

Miniature model animals, like these.

They’re the Small Girl equivalent of the 60 million identical matchbox cars that most little boys seem to have permanently attached to their hands. We can never get enough of them. And it doesn’t matter if you get duplicates either.

If you get a book, make sure you keep the receipt in case they already have it.

At that age, my kids loved wooden puzzles, like this.

Either you misread the OP, or your daughter was some kind of child prodigy with home improvements.

I came in here to be all lame and suggest a savings bond. She isnt’ going to remember who gave what to her when she gets older, but that savings bond could be worth something when she is old enough to be going to college. We have a family tradition that we get my brother’s kids savings bonds for their birthdays. Ten years after they were born they have quite a nice college savings coming along.

That always sounds good but they never seem to amount to anything.
Even a $50 savings bond at a 4% rate will only be worth $100 eighteen years later. Not much of a college nest egg.

CDs around here pay seven percent.

When BabyBellum was 18 months, she was very fond of her toy shopping cart. She could push it around and bang it into stuff, and it was helpful at toy pickup time, too. She’d take her doll “shopping”, it was pretty adorable.

Ditto on the board books and the DoodlePro, maybe some of the early “art” stuff, like the big, chunky washable crayons and a coloring book, or some of those Crayola no-mess markers that only draw on their special paper. Sidewalk chalk is a little messier, and at 18 months my daughter was mainly interested in breaking the pieces of chalk, not drawing with them, but YMMV.

Maybe a bucket of Duplo building blocks - they even make pink ones for girls now, bless their hearts!

If you’re thinking books, the Sandra Boynton board books are great. I highly recommend Hippos Go Berserk, Dinosaur’s Binkit, Barnyard Dance, and The Belly Button Book.

Don’t get a stuffed animal–chances are she has about 800 of them from everyone else who bought her a stuffed animal throughout her life. Also, the plastic eyeballs on most stuffed animals are a choking hazard for babies. The only stuffed animals I might recommend are the ones that teach her how to get dressed–they have snaps and buckles and buttons and zippers and shoes that tie.

My 14-month old daughter loves toys that make music. She enjoys her bongo drums, and her little xylophone/piano. Both of those were under $20.

When my niece was about that age, we got her a toy wheelbarrow as an Easter basket. It was something like $12, and she liked it almost as much as her princess dress-up set. It was, as Sarahbellum says, good for hauling her dolls and stuffies around, plus she got to help in Granny’s garden toting the flowers as the weather got better.