What's a good place to get a wine gift certifcate?

I have friends living in the US who are having a rough time. They like to have a bottle of wine with dinner; nothing fancy, I’m guessing maybe $10 - $15 bucks a bottle.

I’d like to get them a gift certificate/ delivery where they’d either get a couple of nice bottles wind up on their doorstip, or which they could redeem against getting a bottle or two of their favourite shipped to them.

Where should I go for this? Happy to pay a bit over the odds in return for the convenience.

What state do they live in? Laws on shipping alcohol vary and I think it is prohibited some places.

Here is a link with info for each state:

ETA: looks like most of the info on the site above is kind of vague. Sorry. But if you know what state they live in you can probably find better information.