what's a good way to get blood out of carpet?

ok… I’m a dumbass… I walked on a disused mother board… so the fourth toe on my right foot is bleeding a LOT!

I tried to contain my bodily leaking, but I finally had to wake up my wife…

so now I’m laying on the bathroom floor, bleeding into the tub, while my wife is telling me that I’m going to have to go to the hospital while my toe pumps a red stream onto the wall…

so after about 15 minutes of pressure the toe stops pumping blood, so my wife finally says that I won’t have to go to the hospital… but then she cleans the wound… and wow that sucked a lot more…

and now I’m all bandaged up… not leaking anymore… embarased as hell… and waiting for the adrenaline to subside so I can go to sleep… argh

so the moral of the story is, don’t walk on sharp things…

later my friends

Hydrogen peroxide. Test a small area for colorfastness first.

There will also be some specialty products in the cleaning aisle of the grocery store.

Be sure to get a tetanus shot. If you can’t remember when your last one was, you need one. You don’t want to make ‘News of the Weird’ as the guy whose computer killed him!

Heck, warm water and a little elbow grease might work, provided the stain hasn’t been left to dry for very long.

Hope your toe feels better in the morning.

I always just toss the carpet into the river with the …
Oh, you mean a non-fatal… um, never mind.

Wow. I always assumed certain social groups were more dangerous than others (motorcycle gangs, etc.) but I never thought being a geek could cause bodily fluids to flow.

OK, it has to be said. Being a geek does, in my experience, greatly reduce the opportunities for bodily fluids to flow.

Hey bobo, I’m not accusing you of anything but I was slightly worried when I saw this thread started by you so soon after this one.

Is there something you should be telling us?

Hydrogen Peroxide is pretty spiffy. Makes a big ball of foam to show you its working.

An enzyme based cleaner, like Nature’s Miracle. You can get this at any pet supplies store. It’s intended use is house-breaking cleanups, but it’s great for getting doggy-hurl up. In addition. one time when I was cutting my dogs mail, I cut one too close. My house had bloody paw-prints all over the carpet. Nature’s Miracle got rid of it, though it did take a couple of applications.

Use COLD water if you’re going to wash carpets or clothing down with water. Heat will just help the blood set into textiles.

Inspector Lestrade: “So you see, Mr. Holmes, there IS a secnd stain, but it…Well, here WAS a second stain. Someone mst have…”

Sherlock Holmes: “Call me again if you find anything, Lestrade. Come along, Watson.”

(Mrs. Cal says Hydrogen Peroxide, too, BTW.)