What's a parent to do?

This is a question, but I’m not sure that it’s a Question, so I’ll post it here. What do working parents do during school vacations? Most women with school-age children work, but most schools are still run as if someone is always at home. My daughter is only 2, but I’m already worried about how we are going to figure this one out. Anybody out there have ideas or experience they’d like to share?

For summer, we sign up for lots of YMCA 2 week camps, which go thru the whole summer. My daughter is 4 and she went to a camp where they had Montessori school in the morning and swim camp in the afternoon. Many private schools/preschools run summer camps. Other vacations I have no idea.

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Cher, thanks for asking this question. I have a 2 year old as well, and I’ve been wondering the same thing. Just hadn’t gotten around to asking yet!

I have 2 boys, age 4 & 8, they both go to the same daycare, (they pick up the oldest after school)

This summer,the oldest did one week daycamps at the YMCA, and got whooping cough, was exposed to(but missed Thank bob!) german measels, and lice.

The younger one was only exposed to the same kids every day, not new ones every week, and did not get sick.

Next year they will both go to the same daycare, full days in the summer, and then next fall, they will both be in school.The daycare will pick up after.

My recommendation for you is to find a daycare that picks up after-schoolers,or arrange for junior to bus home and be met by a sitter.

Good Luck.

Or find a grandma to move in with you :slight_smile: That’s what my folks did, though I understand it may not be practical for everyone (like, if, y’know, they’re all… ummm… y’know). Anyway, good luck :slight_smile:

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Nicky goes to a preschool (2 days/week) that has summer camp. They also have an afterschool & summer program for elementary school age kids and they pick up. The local school bus also stops right near there, and they walk kids to the bus stop in the morning and wait for them in the afternoon, so kids can come there instead of going to an empty house. As others have said, there is probably something similar in your area, unless you live in a very small town.

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