What's a proofreader make?

So I’ve got a pal who’s going in for an interview for a freelance proofreading position in Washington DC. What’s the going rate on that work?

Full time freelance? IN the office? Working from home?

There are a lot of factors. At my husband’s company, freelancers make mid thirties, but they also get AWESOME flex time and can work from home.

On the other hand, part time, business plan proofreaders and the like make hourly wages.

I’m a little confused by the question. Freelancers don’t have an employer or a position; they have clients and projects. Is this really an employer trying to get out of paying taxes and bennies by calling it a freelance relationship? The IRS would be interested in hearing about the arrangement.

No, it’s clearly freelance on an hourly basis. But it should be steady work.

I would guess his question is: What’s a reasonable hourly rate for freelance proofreading work?

There are plenty of freelance positions that are in companies in offices, in cubicles. It’s similar to being a long term temp.

I applied for several of them last year. You still pay taxes and get a paycheck from the corporation, but you’re committed to being on site when they need you.

Just not forever…maybe for six or eight months.