What's an argosy?

Around the Cleveland area, in the older pre-WWII inner ring suburbs, there’s a good deal of garden and smaller walkup apartment buildings named “The Argosy”. Looking at advertising from the 1920s, I’ve also noticed a large number of products named “Argosy”. The use of the word “Argosy” to name something seems to dramatically fall after WWII.

Question: what the hell is an argosy, anyhow? Google hasn’t helped much.

Try the dictionary:

  1. Nautical
    a. A large merchant ship.
    b. A fleet of ships.

  2. A rich source or supply: an argosy of adventure lore.

ar⋅go⋅sy   /ˈɑrgəsi/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [ahr-guh-see] Show IPA Pronunciation

–noun, plural -sies. 1. a large merchant ship, esp. one with a rich cargo.
2. a fleet of such ships.
3. an opulent supply.

I guess it’s like Armada.

ETA: Almost simulpost with yabob: Seems to imply a kind of adventure and exoticism, maybe because Cleveland is a port.

According to Wikipedia (an endless fount of trivia like this) it’s derived from the former name of Dubrovnik in Croatia, and not from Jason’s ship the Argo (as I thought it was).