What's an "id sock"?

What is meant by the term “id sock”? I know what a sock is (in message-board-speak), I know what the id is (in Freud-speak), but what’s an “id sock”?



Judging from your link, I’d say calling a given user an ID sock is saying that that user’s online persona is not the face he or she presents to the 3D world, but rather an expression of feelings and thoughts the user ordinarily keeps concealed because said Fs & Ts are unacceptable among the user’s real-time acquaintances.

I see.


An Arky was saying that Carol Stream is a sock of another user (and I see no evidence for that theory), and acts as that poster’s id. Meaning some other poster is saying things as Carol Stream that he or she would not say under his other username.

I didn’t interpret it as necessarily meaning that Carol Stream is actually a sock of another poster, though I guess it’s possible that this is what An Arky meant. To me, it just meant that she’s the voice of someone’s inner jerk.

Id sock is one of the great violinists of our time.

Maybe ID was meant. Kidz theze dayz and there speelig.

never mind