What's an OBI Strip?

I recently bought a foreign import CD from Japan which has an OBI Strip on it - What does this stand for and what does it mean? Thanks in advance :confused:

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Not sure if I understand the question - is “OBI strip” a name of a song, or is there a strip (like a magnetic strip) labelled OBI, or what?

“Obi” in Japanese means a sash, belt or girdle. A long strip of fabric used as a belt. Does that help at all?

I’m not sure of its purpose, but if you collect records or cd’s, you should be sure to keep it either on the cd/record or in a safe place. It’s kinda like saving the box of a collectible toy. Or you could just chuck it out if you aren’t concerned with collectability.

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I’m sorry. The comment was not intended to offend anyone. It was my bland attempt at humor. Please accept my apology. I am inexperienced with the differences between the two.

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And as to the OP:


You think Gilligan’s Island is a reliable source of information?

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To get back on the subject:

In Japanese record stores, only the obi strips are displayed. They give all the information on the record
or CD–artist, title, songs price. It saves space and
is an anti-shoplifting device. You have to ask for
the product.

Keep the obi strip. They tend to get lost, and CDS are
worth more with it. It’s mentioned on ebay all the time:
obi strip included.

A good site for this is http://www.obiland.com. A California
CD store specializing in Japanese imports.