What's appropriate dress for a doctoral hooding ceremony?

I have to attend one this afternoon - I am not receiving a doctorate, but will be there as an observer.
I’m thinking it’s a big deal, so I shouldn’t show up in my usual jeans & t-shirt combo. Is a dress necessary (I do have one, and hose, that I can wear that looks nice) or are dressy pants/nice top appropriate? I have my doubts about khakis and a polo-style shirt…but I’ll go with that, if it’s appropriate…
Help, please.

-the clueless dresser.

“Corporate” attire would be appropriate. This isn’t exactly a formal occasion, but it is definitely significant, and the ceremony and the person(s) involved deserve respect.

Personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable at one of these in anything less than a suit.

I think a suit would be fine, or even a sport coat and nice pants.

The dress or dressy pants/nice top combo would be fine, IMHO.

Yeah, but I’m a girl. Do I really have to go buy a sports coat? :wink:

Ok, I’ll go either with the dress or the dressy pants/nice shirt. Both I wore to work in my previous (corporate) life, so I’ll take them as acceptable.

Either one is fine – I’d go with the skirt, if you wouldn’t feel like you were in drag wearing it.

Do what my parents did, foam cowboy hat and air horn.