What's been in Britney's mouth?

Honestly, I think all 4 skanks previously mentioned must stay at leat 100 miles from each other at all times. It seems when ever two or more of them get together BAD THINGS happen. I theorize that if all of them wind up in the same room that a skank hole will form sucking in all that is wholesome and good in the world untill everywhere looks like a west texas trailer park. :smiley:

If Britney Spears skanked in the woods, and there was no one there to see it, would it still be worthy of a thread?

Hey, Little Nemo…would you mind tutoring me in the art of “Coming Up with Names for Threads so that they will Stay on the Front Page” ?

Because all of mine just sink like stones.

Wouldn’t the shorter answer be to the question “What hasn’t been in Britney’s mouth?”

What’s similar between the Olympics of 1924, World War 2, Tour De France, and The Simple Life 2 after party?

They all bring sweaty men into Paris

You mean they would reach critical skank?

This one’s gonna be a natural for “Sequential Thread Titles.”